- None recorded

- Absurd Notions - Right he is! Pythagoras' is very precise when it comes to special orders from customers! Strip 90
- El Goonish Shive - Even in ancient time, the Owl commanded you to READ! Strip 92
- Taking the Bi-pass - Dave prefers both coffee and women... hairless! That's his taste! 12-11-2005
- Sinfest - With women and coffee comes... pastry! According to Squigley that is! 12-11-2005
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Ethan sure has some... interesting ideas concerning his women and his coffee! 12-11-2005
- Wapsi Square - Looks like Kevin needs bigger hands for both his women and his... cups! 12-11-2005
- Schlock Mercenary - No wonder Theo takes so long ordering coffee... and getting women! 12-11-2005
- Filthy Lies - Who could have guessed? Damian also wants his coffee fast and cheap! 12-11-2005
- Death to the Extremist - 2... no, I just don't want to know the innuendo about his women! 12-11-2005
- Diesel Sweeties - No wonder Red Robot has little luck with the ladies, even if they survive! 12-11-2005
- Cat and Girl - Okay Girl, we get the point! And it sounds like you've already had too much! 12-11-2005
- Bob the Angry Flower - Bob obviously wants to make sure the taste stays for future enjoyment!? 12-11-2005
- Freefall - Winston needs both coffee and women as perfect as he can make it himself! 12-11-2005
- Toothpaste for Dinner - Looks like somebody's ideas about women and coffee are... weirdest! 12-11-2005
- Dinosaur Comics - Despite being a coldblooded lizard, the T-Rex does have some hot points! 12-11-2005

Tailsteak cameos/references can be found in:
- Golden Age of Adventurers - Hool and Elondaro have dressed up as Paul and Brian! 30-09-2006
- DMFA - How can you concentrate on the explanation when there are so much Tailsteak going on in the background? #113

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- DMFA - The planet Mars gets a new name... and it's in the honour of Amber! Strip 105

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