- None recorded

- Grinder$ - Looks like Mrs. Farthing is having plans on going to Monaco Royale! 12-05-2020
- Lectro - Looks like we have Toby attending the Scimitar Online DJ Pantymonium concert! 31-08-2020
- Misfits of Mischief - The Misfits of Mischief appears in Tangentville, each in the own place and chaotic involvement! Gueststrip28-10-2020
- Pine Hill Creature Feature - Stetson also loves Halloween, so much that she tries buying Sickman! Gueststrip30-10-2020
- Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich - Major Tona Zehm makes an appearance at the Skull Scouts convention! Gueststrip02-11-2020
- The Adventures of Sir Power - The avatar of Vöndres is fitting nicely in to the game of Scimiar Online! 10-05-2021
- Signals - Hege's avatar in Scimitar Online got hands! We are let the monsters challenge THIS train! 10-05-2021
- Hope - Apparently Raylin has made her avatar and joined the game of Scimitar Online! 10-05-2021
- Jingo! Beyond - an avatar of Jingo Maoxian is entering Scimitar Online... the game can begin! 10-05-2021
- The Extras - An avatar of Chantilly can be spotted in the realm of the game of Scimitar Online! 10-05-2021
- Mental Link - Neecra has joined the game of Scimitar Online with his own unique avatar! 10-05-2021
- Future Shock - Off course game of Scimitar Online will have Bleepz join with a telltale avatar! 10-05-2021
- Untitled Brick Comic - When Meg is playing Scimitar Online in her break she is not going to log out easily! 10-05-2021
- Xailenrath Comics Presents - Octavius is so fond of Scimitar Online that he has joined with his own avatar! 10-05-2021
- Black Lotus - Hinata appears in all her powerful figure glory and is greeted by Twenty-Eight! 02-06-2021
- The Adventures of Sir Power - Twenty-Eight did not expect Vöndres to show up in the mighty glory of figure! 02-06-2021
- Grinder$ - Donna Panks shows up unexpectedly, cranky and in the mood for coffee! 02-06-2021
- Roar Howl Run - It may be a dream of Twenty-Eight's, but Ata is drawn into it! 02-06-2021
- I.W.A.T.S.V. - To Twenty-Eight's surprise, Lightning Bug appears looking for the rest of Team Hades! 02-06-2021

Tangentville cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Punchin' Judy looks smashing in the mask & underwear style! 14-08-2020
- Grinder$ - Buck is getting in trouble with Donna when he cant show the bacon! 23-06-2020
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Sarah and Olivia hang out at the bar, enjoying the food and feeding each other! 02-08-2020
- Zorgnox's Depository... - Its not often you see An Invader from Uranus, but at the Feeder Queen's Cocooning you will! 08-03-2021
- Rose-Tinted World - Looks like Eddie has been reading too much up on the webcomic of Tangentville lately! 20-04-2021
- Cryptida - The popular retro game of Scimitar Online is about to be reviewed by an expert! 24-05-2021
- The KAMics - In this hospital we have Nurse Wretched taking care of the patients! 04-06-2021
- The KAMics - Outside the cemetery a certain pumpkin-headed Goblin can bee seen in the night! 22-10-2021
- Cupcake Warmachine - News about the Ketchup Cupcakes has reached Tangentville, so off course the send for some! 08-03-2022

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