Tang's Weekly Comic
Tang's Weekly Comic

- Sexy Losers - Tang and Hard exchanging characters for a short crossover = hilarious trouble! 04-07-1999

- Exploitation Now - Bimbo gets to do a cameo in little different that she is used to... but only a little! 17-09-2000
- Life on Forbez - Phenix gets an oddly shaped surprise when having an interview with Mrs. Nok! 15-10-2000
- Angst Technology - Nope, there will not be any spanking of monkeys here, not even Web-Monkeys! 12-11-2000
- Cool Cat Studio - Liz shows how many interesing things you can learn by looking like a poster! 10-12-2000
- Sexy Losers - Much can be said, but the relationship between Mrs. Shibata and her son is interesting! 17-12-2000
- Kung Fool - The "friendly" game of baseball between TWV and KFC continues! 29-07-2001
- Sexy Losers - Well, one chase into the wrong place might lead to... a Merry Christmas from everyone!!! 28-12-2003

Tang's Weekly cameos/references can be found in:
- Sexy Losers - For Diana 03 to show proof of her love... insert a quarter! MA content warning!13-10-2000
- Life on Forbez - Diana 03 has a job in Mall Security on the planet of Forbez! 21-10-2000
- Sunday Morning Coffee - In the baseball match, its the players from Tangs Weekly Comic that pitches! 22-07-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Helen rates communication over spanking when its about children! 16-09-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Tim, Hal and Lisa ends the comic by moving to TMC! 18-08-2001
- Sexy Losers - Yep, Diana 03's jaws are perfect for many things... killing the mood for example! MA content warning!28-12-2003

Tang Ho cameos/references:
- Something Postitive - Business must be slow since Tang is working with adult... eyewear? 10-06-2002
- Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - Wonder what Tang did at age six? He was playing chibi-doctor! MA content warning!02-03-2003

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