The Tao of Geek
The Tao of Geek

- Tru-Life Adventures - Naomi wants some change in her life... and the Bob happens to show up! Starting 16-05-2005

- Penny Arcade - Fred sends his new game to the experts of PA... and gets his review a strip later! 30-08-2002
- 8-Bit Theater - "I like swords"? Seems like someone has found a character to stay in! 25-10-2002
- Striptease - Poor Max, being force to listen in to Pete's excalating requests! 14-12-2002
- Pop Culture Isn't Safe - Visiting other comic shops can be hazardeous for ones sanity! Gueststrip22-05-2003
- Elf Only Inn - Hmm... is that Lord Woot we see in the background, getting his shopping done? 04-06-2003
- Surreal U - When you work with Fred on a ninja-game, experience with ninjas is good! Gueststrip15-06-2003
- Dead Air - Dale is coming Live from Supercon, trying to conduct a radio broadcast! 22-07-2003
- Joel and Steve - Steve WAS supposed to film the brodcast, but consider himself better material! 22-07-2003
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Looks like the Repository needs another hiring strategy! 23-07-2003
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Much can be said about Thanatos, but he is honest with his intentions! 23-07-2003
- Teen Drama - Okay, sometimes music is just getting words out... but it has to be the right words! 24-07-2003
- Da Basement - Freakin' dancing and singing, a true mix that will surely catch the spectators off guard! 24-07-2003
- Sara & David - David tells Fred the brutal truth and his meaning about Fred's game and his company! 25-07-2003
- No 4th Wall to Break - Now we know how the figures would look with real heads... and a quarter! 26-07-2003
- Cuthbert - Okay, it sounds like Cuthbert and Hugh suddenly has second thoughts about trying it out! 26-07-2003
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - Good thing Ronson is around and is helpfull when food is required! 28-07-2003
- Beermonkey - Seeing one who can make beer out of nothing makes Beermonkey fall in love! 28-07-2003
- Surreal U - Clay runs the Supercon Whack-A-Mole, and invites in for a quick whacking game! 29-07-2003
- Blak - Perhaps not a good idea, but visiting Supercon became a whacking experience! 29-07-2003
- Dasien - Dasien enjoys the fanboys attention, but Naomi knows how to pull her down! 30-07-2003
- Elf Only Inn - Looks like there's plenty of people wanting a picture with Woot at Supercon! 31-07-2003
- TheFLICKshow - You just can't say no to have your picture taken with a monster at Supercon! 31-07-2003
- Least I Could Do - Looks like Rayne has nothing against having a picture taken with a monster! 31-07-2003
- Psychic Headache - Steve puts his head through the board to get an awesome Supercon picture! 31-07-2003
- Kong Comic - At Supercon Kong got a picture taken with his head in a monsters tentacle! 31-07-2003
- Sticky and Blob-o - Hmm... yes, you COULD call Random Person a kind of Sephiroth Wannabe! 01-08-2003
- Angels 2200 - Hot young female spacepilots are not considered normal? Well they should be! 01-08-2003
- Swordwaltzer - Well? Are there any rules against Grizlled Old Blind Warriors turning up at Supercon? 01-08-2003
- Super Hero Thing - Where else, if not Supercon, would be a place for weird Super Hero Things? 01-08-2003
- Overcaffeinated - Looks like the whole gang fell into the ancient trap... lured by naked women! 02-08-2003
- The One World - Guess a walkon at Supercon, looking for catgirls, also counts! 04-08-2003
- Random Thoughts - Looks like Kittygirl has gotten a job as a greeting cheery Catgirl at Supercon! 05-08-2003
- Homestar Runner - Amid the crowd we find none other than the celebrity of Trogdor! 02-03-2004
- Striptease - Sam is just a part of the crowd... but what a crowd! 02-03-2004
- Tru-Life Adventures - Oh my, what a crowd... and there's Kendall, right in the middle of it! 02-03-2004
- Surreal U - Looks like the 3-feet Ninja is trying to mix with the crowd, but sticks out anyway! 02-03-2004
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Looks like the Golem is out for a stroll in the crowd! 02-03-2004
- Cuthbert - Many people make up the crowd at Supercon, and Cuthbert is one of them! 02-03-2004
- Angels 2200 - What else would Pete wear? 07-05-2004
- Sarah Zero - Looks like they were right when they said that "a girl's purse is her life!"! 12-08-2004
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - ToG took over theTzitzimime... this is the use they had for it! 12-08-2004
- Penny Arcade - Liz says her farewell and, among others things, thanks for the wankage from PA! 01-04-2005
- Homestar Runner - I don't care what he thinks, being changed into Strong bad IS totally awesome! 28-05-2005
- Tru-Life Adventures - ShutUpJack2468, aka. Bob, caught between needing advice and press of timelines! 15-10-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex has the most interesting suggestion for those who wants to get a hobby! 08-12-2005
- Order of the Stick - Roy Greenhilt is one of those passed with the help of the Coffee Ninja Power Up! 16-12-2005
- Penny Arcade - And at the time the internet went crazy, a PA mob set out to flash all the others! 23-01-2006
- Homestar Runner - That poor Homestar guy, being mooned by a mob while the internet is haywire! 23-01-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Finally Lord Woot has been added to the Missing Posters at the local gaming bookstore! 25-09-2006
- Mad Hat Comics - Vorticus is featured on one of the posters being passed in the background! 25-09-2007
- Elf Only Inn - A major poster features Lord Woot with his favorite Transformer symbol! 25-09-2007
- Homestar Runner - With a Strong Bad-Ism in your comic, things shouldn't go wrong... right? 17-01-2007
- Girl Genius - When somebody needs girl-friendly comics, Girl Genius is among the ones suggested! 24-05-2008
- Uncubed - In the back of the line we see none other than Uncubed's Krishna Sadasivam! 20-01-2009

Tao of Geek cameos/references can be found in:
- Joel and Steve - Looks like Fred COULD use a napkin... wonder whats going on back there?! 29-10-2003
- If Then Else - A poster with the cast of The Tao of Geek adorns the wall! 25-08-2006
- If Then Else - Never going out of style, The Tao of Geek poster still adorns the wall! 28-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Fred is very unlucky being caught by the neck by a furious Agent Catnap! 26-09-2007
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Peter is representing Tao of Geek in the big gathering for A-List webcomics! Strip 340

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Sara & David - Alex grins of Fred's antics... him daring to think about being in three dimensions! Gueststrip19-05-2003

Liz "Litazia" Walsh cameos/references:
- Elf Only Inn - I don't know what Litazia is playing, but she got a very nicelooking character! 26-01-2007

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