Terra Prima
Terra Prima

- None recorded

- A Couple and a Kid - A Couple and a Kid is doing a family show at Comedy Night apparently! 08-09-2019
- Amorte - Somebody has really done an amazing feat getting Amorte graffiti up that high! 08-09-2019
- Astronaut C.A.T. - Astronaut C.A.T. seems to be one of the new issues out at the comic store! 08-09-2019
- Blood Soul Buffet - That's some pretty amazing Blood Soul Buffet graffiti... wonder how it came up there on the wall? 08-09-2019
- Blue Life - Someone has made art based on Blue Life on the bottom of their balcony! 08-09-2019
- Celestial Chronicle Shion - Next week Celestian Chronicle Shion the Movie will be up at the cinema it seems! 08-09-2019
- Cyber Scrapyard - The Cyber Scrapyard is just down the road from here, 100m more and you cant miss it! 08-09-2019
- Fez & Blood - I wouldn't mind reading the new issues of Fex & Blood and I ! 08-09-2019
- Hexameron - Yes, we know the Hexamaron stories are real, no need to get that high to write it! 08-09-2019
- Looking for Oasis - If you got to the movies this week you might catch the "Looking for Oasis" showing! 08-09-2019
- Magic Advisor - If you see a ghost, who are you gonna call? The Magic Advisor off course! 08-09-2019
- Maneater - I don't know about you, but when I see the new Maneater issue out for sale I want to get it! 08-09-2019
- Miasma - Glad to see the comic of Miasma can be found in print... now to get to the comic shop! 08-09-2019
- Pollution - Pollution is definitely something you should read, and so think the comic shop for sure! 08-09-2019
- Praesidium - Praesidium by M&M has their new issue out and the comic shop has put it up for show! 08-09-2019
- Stellanovah - Frostlight's Stellanovah comic is on show at the comic shop, better get it while you can! 08-09-2019
- TreasureHUNT!! - Putting advertising for the Treasure Hunt up on the water tower has been an adventure in itself! 08-09-2019
- Under Layers - The small critter of the Hunt seems to be taking a break under one of the trees! 08-09-2019
- Utille - Looks like the flowers of Utille are growing nice and big here in the city! 08-09-2019
- Ying & Yan - Tonight, on Comedy Night, it looks like we have none other than Ying & Yan performing! 08-09-2019

Terra Prima cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Sage's Sunset - When local bookshop is managed by Faeries & Ents you KNOW you are in for a treat! 08-09-2019
- Moonover Marsh - Vothn has apparently opened own cafe, at it seems to be running smoothly with open mic night and all! 08-09-2019

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