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- Homestar Runner - Tom Brazelton enters his comic to say a few words while wearing a Homestar shirt! 23-06-2004
- The PC Weenies - Who could have known that Bob Weiner and Jared were movie buddies? Gueststrip17-07-2005

Theater Hopper cameos/references can be found in:
- Troy's Bucket - Tom and Jared take the waiting in line to kick a man lying down with ease! 31-03-2003
- Taking the Bi-Pass - Tom and Cami seems to enjoy each other as well as Lord of the Rings in the theater! 16-12-2003
- Role of the Die - Looks like both Tom and Jared visit the same movies as Jim & Crew! 25-08-2004
- The Hoojie Crew - Tom enjoys the party... at least the dancing part! 29-12-2004
- The PC Weenies - Somehow Tom has ended up in the same unemployment line as Bob! 22-05-2006
- Taking the Bi-Pass - Tom is the kind of guy that prefers a car add to any Adam Sandler movie! 20-07-2006
- Taking the Bi-Pass - Tom tells Dave how to make it through the night with babies... get a nanny! Gueststrip07-06-2007

Tom Brazelton cameos/references:
- Multiplex - That looks to be Tom Brazelton in line to see X-Men 3 there! 29-05-2006
- Rock City Comics - Tom gets served the perfect sales-line for guarenteed sale!... or not?! 15-08-2006
- Rock City Comics - Having memorized the Humpty Dance to annoyance, Tom is put down for good! 29-12-2006

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