The Menagerie

- None recorded

- Dim Bulb Comics - Dim Bulb has expanded and now also have a shop in the electronic-business! 18-10-2005

The Menagerie cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist/writer appearances/references:
- Tales of Pylea - Humbug is also in the airport, and has even reached the check-in counter! 20-02-2005
- Noggin' 0.5 - Lag the Noggin is dressed up as his own trademark blue bunny for the interview! 24-03-2005
- Gunmetal Annie - Mercury Hat appears as a mushroom hugging foxgirl puppet! 24-03-2005
- Spare Change - Warren receives an unsuspected visit from Michael Davey! 29-04-2005
- McDuffies - Looks like McDuffies has become the undercat in the catfight! 07-05-2005
- Chat Rouge - Kris X is the evil kitty who's mean to the other boardi... ehh, cats! 07-05-2005
- Teacher's Lounge - KittyKatBlack is the nice affectionate kitten with her own bowl! 07-05-2005
- Out of the Loops - Ferguson has become one satisfied cat after a good meal! 07-05-2005
- Elf Only Inn - Josh Sortelli is referenced by his favorite "Lord Woot"-avatar in a picture on the wall! 07-05-2005
- Gateway - Shinedog enters as an upcoming regular in the taskforce! 23-06-2005
- Digital War - War becomes a part of the regular cast in the role of an experienced task force member! 30-07-2005
- The Longest Sojourn - Ping is the last and observative part of the new regular task force team! 30-07-2005
- Dim Bulb Comics - Noise Monkey is the little boy standing outside the TV-shop! 18-10-2005
- Shonen-Ai Kudasai! - Maria and Michelle can keep a secret... but they are open for negotiations! 04-12-2005

Jops cameos/references:
- The Foxfire Chronicles - Figures that the renegade troop would number a certain Jops! 27-05-2005
- Twice Destined - Jops plays the part of the hidden sniper that scoooooores! 24-06-2005
- Legostar Galactica - With his telltale googles, Jops has an eye on everybody around at the party! 25-08-2005

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