The Wotch
The Wotch

- Accidental Centaurs - The Wotch and friends end up together with the centaur-conspiracy! Starting 21-03-2005

- El Goonish Shive - So Ivan's cousin thinks there's something weird in Moperville? No kidding? 03-01-2003
- El Goonish Shive - Looks like some people are for strange relationships! The grafitti says Tedd+Grace! 25-02-2003
- Homestar Runner - Lilly and Jennie are having fun playing with their Homestar Runner action figures! 24-06-2003
- Zebra Girl - Sandra the Zebra Girl uses the transforming confusion to come out in public! 18-09-2003
- El Goonish Shive - A cute little sketch of Grace adorns the filler of the day! 13-11-2003
- Wapsi Square - Kathrine is looking cute and innocent in the middle of the sketched filler! 13-11-2003
- El Goonish Shive - The Uryuoms came for brain, but ended up gluing Anne down for weeks! Gueststrip21-01-2004
- Accidental Centaurs - Among the Genies breaking out in civil war, we find Lenny present! 19-07-2004
- Misfile - The friends visit the Heavenly Archive and we learn why Anne became the Wotch! Gueststrip01-01-2005
- Zebra Girl - Hooded and cloaked, Sandra is first in line for the movie! 03-06-2005
- Krakow - Case & Kia are enjoying a day out together at the movies! 03-06-2005
- Abstract Gender - Brian and Ryan are going to see the movie they talked about in their first strip! 03-06-2005
- Abstract Gender - A roleplaying session goes completely awry as Anne sees... red! Gueststrip22-06-2006
- Zebra Girl - Goth Crystal is out in town, having a dancing blast of a time at the Black Rose dance club! 06-07-2005
- Zebra Girl - And thus the existence of the Magi-Net is confirmed in the Wotch! 02-12-2005
- Accidental Centaurs - Lenny & Co stars in this tale from the Genie world over several Sundays! Gueststrip12-03-2006
- Triquetra Cats - A special SERVICE is needed... and in the future of TC it has come to be! 16-10-2006
- El Goonish Shive - Tedd reflected in the veil between realms show the reflection of Lord Tedd! Gueststrip06-05-2007
- El Goonish Shive - The EGS/The Wotch unofficial non-canon fanmade one-way crossover! Gueststrip05-08-2007
- Zebra Girl - One of the ways to learn about the Wotch, is the Maginet where Jack also needs help! 22-04-2008
- El Goonish Shive - What? "Plan P" didn't work? And with help from the Grace-puppet even!? 09-09-2008
- Accidental Centaurs - The Wotch-created anger-storm rages through the dimensions to their Centaur friends! 20-02-2012
- Spinnerette - Atop the building, Spinnerette wonders what caused the eldritch storm hitting her dimension! 20-02-2012
- City of Reality - Todo and AV flies over the city, seeking the source of the interdimensional Wotch-storm! 20-02-2012
- Murry & Lewy - Lewy notices that there's something special about the Wotch-storm outside... Murry doesn't care! 20-02-2012
- Zebra Girl - Jack sports a pose as he and crystal look up to gauge the source of the interdimensional storm! 20-02-2012
- El Goonish Shive - Anne's Storm of Rage hits many worlds, also the world where Tedd and Grace watch it! 20-02-2012
- Kevin & Kell - Kevin and Kell look out their house, wondering about the storm blown up all of sudden! 20-02-2012

The Wotch cameos/references can be found in:
- Zebra Girl - Anne is among the many magic-users visting Magi-Net... but the band camp story IS funny! 21-02-2003
- Triquetra Cats - Jason suddenly and magically appear at a party in the future! 08-01-2004
- Triquetra Cats - Anna appears to rescue Jason back to the past before he is caught in the fight! 16-01-2004
- Triquetra Cats - Anne and Melik Xaos are two of the M-users in the great family tree! 16-06-2004
- Misfile - Anne & Robin visit Misfile and help Ash get a filler-revenge over Rumisiel! Gueststrip31-12-2004
- Triquetra Cats - Moon over Tandy retold 850 years later with the changes time has brought! 03-05-2005
- Chocolate Milkmaid - Anne and Robin watch Chocolate Milkmaids amazing transformation... Jason misses out! MA content warning!30-05-2005
- From Then On Forth - It's no wonder the whole cast needs to see a transgender therapist! Gueststrip29-08-2005
- Exiern - I think its safe so say that and Uricarn Demon is an entirely other Wotch-related monster! 17-09-2005
- Abstract Gender - The outfit showed off in panel 4 looks remarkable like Anne Onymous'! Archived locally08-10-2005
- Awfully Generic - Anne Onymous is a pretty good costume for a Hallowen-event! 03-11-2005
- Magick - You could indeed say that this was a monent of Ka-Irony!! 03-03-2006
- Abstract Gender - Yes, "poor" Rich Wilkins, it's always him to go up against the girls! Archived locally06-05-2006
- Accidental Centaurs - Yes, there was a little incident around the meeting with the Wotch and her friends! 26-07-2006
- Greymatters - 1 hour of The Wotch? That must really be one heck of a series then! 15-08-2006
- The KAMics - Well, a Jasob crazy about redheads... who else would YOU be thinking of? 16-08-2006
- Abstract Gender - Yep! Playing around with Anne's books can be hazardeous... even in a filler! Archived locally05-09-2006
- The KAMics - If you look closer, red-head glad Ygraasnoj is an anagram of Jason Gray... with an extra A! 11-09-2006
- Katie Lynne Sapphe the Webcomic - Pretty good bookkeeping when you have a folder for Wotchers! 04-10-2006
- The KAMics - Now where has Ygraasnoj studied to learn THAT spell? 11-10-2006
- Accidental Centaurs - Those frisky centaur teenagers... Anne, Robin and Jason transformed? 25-10-2006
- - Teens needed for feeding of Dragon? Well, to bad it has already been fed! 07-11-2006
- Accidental Centaurs - The crew finds out who has womanized their post... its Anne off course! Gueststrip09-11-2006
- Abstract Gender - Looks like both Anne, Robin and Lilly are some of the people hanging out in the mall! Archived locally14-11-2006
- Triquetra Cats - The memorial garden gives tribute to heroes of the past, heroes from Tandy Garden! 20-11-2006
- - Behind the webcomic stage, Honey mingles with the Wotch-crew for quite some time! 30-11-2006
- The Lightbringer - Cassie has become one of the hostages... which should be bad for the kidnappers! 17-01-2007
- Abstract Gender - Rachel's Volleyball team is up against none other than Tandy Garden's Kangaroos! Archived locally03-03-2007
- The KAMics - Seems like a new version of the wotch-like magic has been invented... Ka-Squirrel! 24-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Anne's fighting skills seems to be watched by the Overlords in their headquarter! 23-04-2007
- The Magnificient Milkmaild - Oh yes, being a Cheerleader at Tandy Gardens would be much easier...! MA content warning!03-06-2007
- For Your Eyes Only - On one of the room's walls, we spot a poster with the Wotch and her friends! 20-06-2007
- Everyday Heroes - Wotch-effect! Better ka-run Nr. Mighty, its the Ka-Alarm you are hearing! 08-07-2007
- Abstract Gender - A poster featuring the adventures of the Wotch and friends adorns Brian's wall! Archived locally09-07-2007
- Coyote Dance - Milo and the MagicTouch do great business with the help of their new internet portal! 28-07-2007
- Jayden and Crusader - Crusader starts his quest for webcomic popularity by cop... borrwing from The Wotch! 07-08-2007
- BrainFood - And hence the "Magical Tuba" for luring in a new Wotch... was dropped! 14-08-2007
- CameoComic - Through magic and wotchcraft, the Wotch has before breached the dimensional layer! 23-08-2007
- CameoComic - Yep, bringing a cameo of our Wotch to the fighting is indeed a brigth idea! 24-08-2007
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - Anne is taking the lead in the stampede for the upcoming party at Josh's house! 14-08-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Seems like a Sword of Shadows version ended up in the Armory of Dangerous Things! 17-02-2009
- Accidental Centaurs - Maybe it's time to think back on Anne and the crossover in order to find a solution...! 30-03-2009
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - In the spirit of 1st of April, Jason ends up getting rickrolled by a redhead! 31-03-2009
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - When Anne wants to celebrate Ninja Turtles with friends she goes all out... for them all! 23-04-2009
- The Good Witch - Wotch-type family dynamics? Yep, even the artists admits to the resemblance! 18-06-2009
- The Good Witch - It might have been just a dream, but it IS Jason's shirt hanging in the closet! 18-06-2009
- The KAMics - Sonja's ears are burning, but another transgendered Sonja WAS only an option! 17-12-2009
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - Looks like the all-redhead photo-shoot became too much for Jason... it blew his mind! 01-04-2010
- Angels & Aliens - A picture of Anne on the wall and using the style of The Wotch, thats the fifth panel for you! 01-04-2012
- - Anne, Jason and Robin are friends of Honey and are off course at the surprise party for her! 27-04-2012
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. - The crews from C.R.A.S.H. and the Wotch get together to celebrate Thanksgiving and 10 years of the Wotch! 22-11-2012
- Mock Girl - There's only one place they carry that brand of helmet-adorned T-shirt... Wotchstyle! 05-04-2013
- The Black Princess - Anne sure seems to enjoy this heated Basketball game taking place down below! 09-12-2004
- The Black Princess - Jason (Sonja) seems to be among all the people being taken prisoners by the terroists! 13-01-2015
- Zebra Girl - Oh yes, there's been a monster party or two in Tandy Gardens over time... and in time to come! 23-02-2018
- Bonus Stage - Near the end, it's the Watch! No, it's the Wotch! Well, perhaps its neither? Episode #56
- Closetspace - Sonja and Anne streak past... in hurry for the latest sale at the mall? Strip 172

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Melonpool - Lenny makes a relaxed position dressed in Steve Troop's trademark bullseye shirt! Gueststrip19-03-2006
- The Wotch: Cheer - Tselsebar must make a cameo, and so does his female avatar part with gusto! Gueststrip13-04-2008

Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson cameos/references:
- Abstract Gender - One of the outfits Brian tries out, is the telltale trademark outfit of Artist Anne! Archived locally08-10-2005
- The KAMics - Anne seems a little bit annoyed that her gag with the hats is taken! 13-06-2008

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