Thomas & Zachary
Thomas & Zachary

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- Epic Land - General Claerio Jackson is here a valiant police officer going up against... a giant robot? 22-11-2015
- Everlasting Garden Fields - Dawn Helen has taken the oath and as a police officer she defends the city against giant robots! 22-11-2015
- Lady Spectra & Sparky - In the service of the polics corps, no problem is too big for Lt. Bernie Kominsky, not even that robot! 22-11-2015

Thomas & Zachary cameos/references can be found in:
- The Gingerbread Man Chronicles - A fast and furious teamup in which GM goes up against Thomas in speed! 29-06-2014
- Autumn Bay - The happenings of Thomas and Zachary seems to have been carefully monitored by Dr. Deacon! 03-11-2014
- Consolers - Zachary has stopped by to see what all the fuzz about Sony's game console is about! 16-09-2015
- Consolers - What devious ideas does Dr. Madd get from the news about the launching of the X-Box console? 28-02-2016
- Once Stung - Both Thomas & Zachary seems pretty surprised and shocked over the sudden appearence of Queen Bee! 05-10-2016
- Blacktail & Marz - When its too quite when your portal open into Thomas & Zachary, you should know it won't last! 29-09-2018

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