Tiny Pink Robots
Tiny Pink Robots

- None recorded

- None recorded

Tiny Pink Robots cameos/references can be found in:
- Ada Lee Comes On! - Tiny Pink Robots have suddenly become the logo on the mug in Ada's hand! 11-06-2011
- Pictures of You - So Gnome Tax owes credit to Tiny Pink Robots? Who would have known...! 22-01-2013
- Pictures of You - Looks like there among the varied kinds of mugs is a Tiny Pink Robot one ! 19-10-2013
- Pictures of You - Rachel is having a great day obviously... off course when she is wearing a Tiny Pink Robot shirt! 02-04-2015

Rori cameos/references:
- Ada Lee Comes On! - The long awaited sequel of Rori's, "Giant Red Cyborgs" has been in the latest shipment! 24-05-2011

Hogan's Notes:

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