Too Many Authors
Too Many Authors

- None recorded

- Insanity of Xade - Wonder who allowed Jeff to go unsupervised to a bar? Perhaps Alexis is in the breakroom? 07-07-2009
- Skin Deep - For this strange distorted Bar, Jim doesn't really stick out from the crowd! Strip 342
- Weregeek - Jim DOES wonder about the drunken Dalek singing the Dr. Who theme...! Strip 342
- Dumnestor's Heroes - Sue has no problems with raising her mug and toast to drunkeness! Strip 342
- Life & Death - Sure Steve would be around in the bar to raise a toast to drunkeness! Strip 342

Too Many Authors cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The KAMics - One of the avatar-incarnations of KAM is a wanted one it seems... wanted for axing! 07-07-2009

Littlebeast cameos/references:
- Evil Overlords United - Typical, Littlebeast is almost the usual suspect when spritecomics are involved! 03-03-2010
- The KAMics - Littlebeast seems to be happy to meet the rest of the Cameowhores! 30-07-2012

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