Tales of the Traveling Gnome
Tales of the Traveling Gnome

- None recorded

- Cortland - Lord Terry of Cortland has a very prominent place on the wall of the hall! 12-03-2006
- Darken - The painting depicting Lord Gort tells that here is a man you don't want to meet! 26-03-2006

Traveling Gnome cameos/references can be found in:
- Darken - Imp "walks" the busy marketplace on Dottiar's shoulder! 29-06-2005
- Tales of Pylea - F'nor is having a runin with Dottiar and Imp at the tavern! 01-10-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Dottiar's magic will probably be ffective in the defense of the Sisterhood! 16-02-2007
- Distant Eras - Looks like TTG has finally become the movie we have waited for! 05-03-2007
- Dissent - It's tricky to see at this distance, but I think Aroni has a good hand in cards! 23-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - A lightning shocked Imp is under surveillance by the Overlords! 04-04-2007
- Citrus! - Tobec makes the moves on busty Mel... wonder if it'll be score or hurting? 07-11-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Poor Imp, being discarded as a translator just like that...! 10-05-2008
- Crossoverkill - The Sorceress Jeneia made, in a way, Chant the one he is today! 13-06-2011
- CameoComic - Looks like Net is Netplaying as none other than his character Dottiar! 03-07-2011

Michelle Mayo & Matthew "Netpoet/Net" Summers cameos/references:
- Thespiphobia - Netpoet is not one to miss the show, so off course he has a seat among the crowd! 13-03-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Netpoet slithers forth as Jedi Master Netpo Et in the lines of the Jedi! 01-06-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Netpoet must stick his head in through the portal to be at the party! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Dragonheaded Netpoet is here Net P. Writer, President of the League! 18-11-2005
- Many Worlds - The avatar of Netpoet keeps the records of the forest straight! 27-02-2006
- Cortland - Netpoet slithers after Zampzon & Dako to get them to comment! 31-03-2006
- Cortland - Michelle is pretty suspecious of people when around coffeebars! 01-05-2006
- Role of the Die - Looks like Netpoet has found some interesting books at the con! 10-05-2006
- Parallel Dementia - With new eerie glowing eyes, Net looks just too evil and scary to be true! 09-06-2006
- Elvenbaath - Charming flirting Net shows up at the gates to lend a tail to help! 30-06-2006
- Atavism - "Along came the spiders... as well as a falling Naga-plushie!"! 03-07-2006
- Alternate Delusions - Net looks almost... cute as a Green Lantern recruit! 12-09-2006
- Cortland - A whole DVD only with Netpoet? I would like to see that script! 13-09-2006
- Parallel Dementia - As an old warrior, Matt Summers is not easy awed by fancy shooting! 27-11-2006
- Emergency Exit - Looks like Net the Shopkeeper is not pleased with his assistant! 08-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Dottiar & Imp brings an army of pigs to the battlefield and ruins the Editor's spidery plans! 20-09-2007
- Avernyght - In daul-form as Mish 'El, Michelle greets the new arrival! 04-02-2008

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