Troy's Bucket
Troy's Bucket

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- PvP Online - Francis is next in line to kick the man already lying down! 31-03-2003
- Sinfest - Monique and Slick wait in the queue... and Slick doesn't mind the waiting at all! 31-03-2003
- Under Power - When Mr. Cynical is going to kick a man already down... he isn't about to use his feet! 31-03-2003
- Snafu - Dave spends the time in the queue with showing his new extreme backpack to the crowd! 31-03-2003
- Theater Hopper - Tom and Jared take the waiting in line to kick a man lying down with ease! 31-03-2003
- VG Cats - Krug doesn't like waiting, he wants to deliver his kick right here and now! 31-03-2003
- Digital Purgatory - Nix is cool about the waiting, he knows he will get to the kicking in due time! 31-03-2003
- Angst Technology - Yaz, cool as always, waits patiently at his turn to deliver some good kicking! 31-03-2003
- Penny Arcade - Gabe and Tycho do yet another cameo... but here there's a buffet after the kicking! 31-03-2003
- Mac Hall - When Ian waits in line to kick a man already down... he has plenty of patience! 31-03-2003
- Lethal Doses - When Soup is going to deliver a beating, he is sure bringing the right tools for it! 31-03-2003
- Megatokyo - Piro, Seraphim and Boo are last in line to kick the one already down! 31-03-2003

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