True Magic
True Magic

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- 8-Bit Theater - Oh yes, there is enough stabbing here to make even Black Mage proud! 23-03-2004
- Zebra Girl - Zombified Crystal is brought forth to partake in whatever schemes Gauth has in mind! 22-01-2008
- Aldus Maycombe - As a Zombie Aldus takes the first trying steps in the Dance of the Dead! 12-02-2008
- Darken - Going really low, Jill shows that even as a Zombie, she knows the step of the dance! 12-02-2008
- Flaky Pastry - The zombified Neighbour crouches down in this episode of Dance of the Dead! 12-02-2008
- No Rest For the Wicked - Under the powers of Gauth, Zombie November dances the dance! 12-02-2008
- The Adv. of Wiglaf & Mordred - For Halloween, Joe goes as the secretive Security! 31-10-2009
- Girl Genius - Personally I think Jen makes a good Agatha Heterodyne for Halloween! 31-10-2009
- White Noise - Lawler seems to find it pretty funny that he is pointed out in the middle of the street! 28-07-2010
- Darken - Slow and peacefully, we find Mink walking the streets of the town at night! 28-07-2010
- Flaky Pastry - Looks like Zintiel has found somebody to talk to in the middle of the street! 28-07-2010
- LinT - Even late at night in the streets Albert has found somebody to talk to! 28-07-2010
- The Adv. of Wiglaf & Mordred - Who knows why Mordred suddenly feels like pointing out the stranger? 28-07-2010
- Red Moon Rising - With her back towards the audienace, Adrianna sits brooding over her drink! 14-09-2010
- Jacq of All Blades - Jacqi has her place at the table, plate and marbles in front of her! 14-09-2010

True Magic cameos/references can be found in:
- Darken - Jennifer and Saido seems to be enjoying themselves at the Golden Bird Inn! 25-07-2005
- Aldus Maycombe - Strolling smiling along, Kiko is a part of the train station crowd! 19-07-2006
- Dissent - Is that really Kiko trying his smooth moves on a lady in the background? 20-04-2007
- Flaky Pastry - The heroic trio crawls out from under the debris, wondering what hit them and the building! 10-10-2008

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