- None recorded

- RPG World - Hero and Diana are doing some sightseeing in the background! 02-01-2004

Twokinds cameos/references can be found in:
- Alex & Ilia - Alex and Ilia gets an immediate visit from Trace & Flora, another mixed couple! Gueststrip29-07-2004
- Yosh! - What's the matter Flora? The chaos of reality becoming too much? 26-08-2004
- Yosh! - Okay, will all who wants to see Flora dress up as a panty thief raise their hand? 29-10-2004
- Plugged Nickel - Vanilla Watson is purring in her Halloween outfit as Flora! 31-10-2004
- Yosh! - See, thats one of the differences between male and female friends! Gueststrip25-11-2004
- 2 Way Mirror - A poster with Trace & Flora is up on the wall in Anissa and Melissa's room! 03-12-2004
- Yosh! - Kate is sleeping soundly, holding tight her Trace doll! 08-08-2005
- WeirdStar - In the window to the shop we can spot the cutest Flora doll for sale! 16-01-2006
- Yosh! - Flora guest-visits to talk with Kate about the recent compitition in both their comics! Gueststrip01-08-2006
- Cross Time Cafe - When an exclamation for ice cream is made in Twokinds, its heard! 11-04-2009
- Yosh! - Flora would probably enjoy this Christmas Special more if she wasn't put under pressure by her nemesis'! 23-12-2009
- Generation 17 - Oh my, looks like somebody have managed to catch and lock up Flora! 28-01-2010
- Freefall - Trace is in a bit of a hurry to get to his strip and take the popular shortcut through Freefall! 01-04-2015
- Yosh! - For a vacation on the beach, Flora is definitely not having it with the bikini! 23-05-2018
- Yosh! - Flora takes her love for Christmas to new heights this year, and Trace can only look on surprised! 24-12-2018
- Freefall - Flora seems very eager to get to know this "Ice Cream" thing... but WE wonder about the pickles! 01-04-2019

Tom Fischbach cameos/references:
- Yosh! - When questions about Twokinds keep coming up the Yosh! Q&A, its time to wake Tom up! 11-01-2006

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