- None recorded

- Rascals - Jazmin seems to enjoy a quiet time at the bar... while it lasts anyway! 16-08-2014
- Dreamkeepers -Any Around the day's busy streets we spot both Mace and Whip! Archived locally14-09-2014
- Anthronauts - Is that Cheng we spot there in the street? Sure looks like her! Archived locally14-09-2014
- Roomies - In the town's busy main street we also spot Miranda! Archived locally14-09-2014
- Las Lindas - Taffy and Randal seems to fit in nicely in the streets of this world, probably thinking its a game! 30-11-2016
- The Eye of Ramalach - That seems to be Mayte we spot there hanging out in street and apparently sharing a funny story! 30-11-2016
- Las Lindas - Looks like we have none other than Tila Sunrise here at the inn, barking up the wrong tree! 07-02-2017

UberQuest cameos/references can be found in:
- Rascals - Sesame apparently has just exited the building and wonder what the ruckus on the road is about! 12-07-2014
- Rascals - Looks like the cafe has a picture featuring Kibbles hanging on the wall! 28-11-2014
- The Eye of Ramalach - Getting a close-up to a dragonfight, Claire is quick to pull out her phone and record! 16-02-2015
- Rascals - Reading the printed edition of UberQuest while waiting is the best way to spend the time! 02-10-2015
- Knuckle Up - A poster featuring Kibbles can barely be spotted behind the girls! xx-xx-2015
- The Eye of Ramalach - No wonder both Ron and Ginny are playing the all popular MMRPG UberQuest! 14-02-2016
- Desert Fox - Des must really like his Sesame drawing since it has such a prominent place on this wall! 10-11-2016

Hogan's Notes:

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