The Uncaped Legion
The Uncaped Legion

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- Spore - When communication goes awry with spores, its good to have the ultimate diplomatic solution at hand! 07-08-2021
- Slice of Death - CR is called in to help JR giving students a few tips on reaping portals! 07-08-2021
- Touch and Go - Its bound to end up in a pickle when signing up for the Legion AND breaking in at the same time! 07-08-2021
- Up North - Going up North for a hide 'n seek tournament with the locals?! 07-08-2021
- Colony Life - When visiting the colony its polite to follow protocols... starting with a fight? 07-08-2021
- Across Your Shattered Sky - A dimensional portal leads two ways... one way to teach at academy, another way to do a prank! 04-09-2022
- Fleeting - Time to do a dimensional battery shopping, with a sidedish of battle and befriending! 04-09-2022
- Guardian Wings - When War is afoot, Celestials from one world need Michael in another to help mop up! 04-09-2022
- Ilworld - Leaving the portal open leads to guests from Ilworld visiting in the other direction! 04-09-2022

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