The Underground Empire
The Underground Empire

- None recorded

- None recorded

The Underground Empire cameos/references can be found in:
- Altarion Saga - Among the assembling of the to royal house we spot none other than Sebastian Roz! 11-09-2019
- Altarion Saga - Harper Roz is hanging out in the bar, most likely looking for a target! 06-10-2019
- Cryptida - Mason has joined the guided tour of the castle, but seems to wonder about the people they meet! 11-06-2020
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Octavian is working at the clothes store and brings out the classy outfits for Berry! 21-06-2020
- Breadfinder - Looks like Harper Roz has a bone to pick with Julia and she's not the only one! 19-08-2020

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