Gobling Hollow / Under the Lemon Tree Goblin Hollow
Goblin Hollow

Formerly known as "Under the Lemon Tree"

- None recorded

- Schlock Mercenary - Watching Schlock Mercenary on TV? Naah... enter it as a mega-cameo instead! 21-06-2002
- Cross Time Cafe - A raw and uncut Unicorn aka. Roy Calbeck, breaks a little girls heart with reality! Strip 0069

Under the Lemon Tree/Goblin Hollow cameos/references can be found in:
- Captain Mike - Sheldon welcomes people to the library as your Friendly AI! 26-06-2001
- Evil Overlords United - Ben really lets his anger out at the EOU droids in on the Eve of the epic battle! 26-09-2007

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