Under Power
Under Power

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- Megatokyo - Piro must be the source of the magical Bag of Holding... his face is on it after all! 12-08-2002
- Something Positive - Aubrey and PeeJee are waiting first in line at the Death Rave club! 31-10-2003
- Megatokyo - Yep, I think the readers have a pretty good idea of where to find Megatokyo! 06-03-2004
- Mac Hall - Sounds like the artist is in a hurry to get the strip over and get to read MacHall! 06-03-2004
- Megatokyo - Boo does the cameo of his lifetime in this filler... as a teddybear for a catgirl! 10-03-2006

Under Power cameos/references can be found in:
- Mac Hall - Mr. Cynical and Moses Gunn shows how you get Ian and Matt to compel to your wishes! Gueststrip12-06-2002
- Troy's Bucket - When Mr. Cynical is going to kick a man already down... he isn't about to use his feet! 31-03-2003

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Applegeeks - Hawk might be small, but he is a badass, and he got Ananth with him as support! 17-02-2004
- Paradox Lost - Lots of drunkeness on Vaz's behalf at Katsucon, something Dave Lister will remember! 17-02-2004
- Dominic Deegan - WhenVax meets up with Mookie at the Katsucon, its mutual arty love! 20-02-2004
- Megatokyo - At the Katsucon, Vaz gets to scare Fred and Sarah, as well as duel with Piro! 20-02-2004
- Seraphic Blue - Looks like Nami would like to keep Vax at Katsucon... or at least just his sould! 20-02-2004

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