Unlife is Unfair
Unlife is Unfair

- None recorded

- None recorded

Unlife is Unfair cameos/references can be found in:
- Charby the Vampirate - Skylar is hanging around in the background of the halls, just taking it calm and quietly! 07-02-2007
- For Your Eyes Only - In the back of class with notice Amelius, happily working on her assignment! 21-05-2008
- For Your Eyes Only - Interesting that Fernando's undead energy finally got him tied up for good! 07-02-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Next to Music Room #55 hangs a poster depicting a Unlife is Unfair strip! 10-03-2009
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - More surprised that scared, Amelius watches Jigsaw gives his revelation! 25-10-2010

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