Unicorn Jelly
Unicorn Jelly

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- None recorded

Unicorn Jelly cameos/references can be found in:
- Life on Forbez - Uni and Kaywai-Kun are having a soft drink together in a bar on Forbez! 20-10-2000
- 1/0 - Okay, taking Unicorn Jelly as a condiment might give interesting results! 18-12-2001
- E Motel - A character based on a Gryrnese woman gets a start in a major role here! 08-09-2002
- E Motel - Uni-Chan is hiding out in the bushes.. even when there's a Barbeque going on! 21-06-2003
- Sharing a Universe - Choreil explains the theory behind Kimberly's changes... using an UJ template! 17-07-2006
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - In order to respect the Balance, you got to play a game of Taasen? 02-05-2012
- Mindmistress - Though Unicorn Jelly is half humanoid, half-crystal, she is not a delusion! Horrible Thoughts P. 4
- Mindmistress - On little travelled roads, Mindmistress encounters a deadly Crystal Basilisk! Horrible Thoughts P. 29
- A Wish for Wings - The Tyslmastian Universe is perfect if you want to gain inner peace through meditation! Strip 83
- DMFA - Well, Unicorn Jelly might be a kind of monster, but more loveable than evil! #212

Jennifer Reitz cameos/references:
- Closetspace - Jennifer holds a booksigning at SciFiConExpoFestARama! Strip 44

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