Union of Heroes
Union of Heroes

- Circle Vs. Square - Matt may be little seen, but he has made it as grafitti on the local walls! Strip 104
- Jenny Everywhere - And into this dimension steps Jenny, to pay a visit and soothe a mind! Strip 154
- The Apple of Discord - Art finds himself lost in a strange world... wearing an untraditional shape! Strip 211
- Es wird ein Hase! - The crane changes the canvas to honor the birth of the first German webcomic baby! Strip 464
- Katastropolis - Damn lucky indeed... and we can hope the T-shirts ARE chearper around here! GueststripStrip 468
- Death and the Maiden - Even the Eternal Victim can beg to Death, but sometimes she is not interested at all! GueststripStrip 469

Union of Heroes cameos/references can be found in:
- The Apple of Discord - News about some kind of delay with Union of Heroes ticks in during the reports! 30-01-2009
- Friends in Fire - Harry is dressed up as Erzengel for Halloween, complete with actual knives and accent! 26-10-2009
- Cosmic Hellcats - In order to help Lynn, the Eternal Victim, Max turns her into... a Cosmic Hellcat! Gueststrip22-02-2010
- FERA - You never knew that Lynn, The Eternal Victim had a secret like this, didn you? Gueststrip03-03-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Cy-Boar - At one point Lou Graziani (2nd row 4 from left) got killed but Lynn took his death! Page 130
- Cooties - Nick Perkins's (Top row, 4th from left) life was touched and saved by Lynn's unwilling sacrifice! Page 131
- P.S.I. - One of the life touched, one of the places taken, is none other than Fesworks! (Top row, 6th from left)! Page 131
- Life's a Witch - One who's place Lynn took, was that of Samantha Wikan (2nd row, 6th from left)! Page 131
- Luke Surl Comics - Luke Surl (2nd row, 8th from left) was one of the people who's death was taken over by Lynn! Page 131
- Prepare to Die - A life touched, Lynn once took the death that was Mike Dellheim's (2nd row, 9th from left)! Page 131
- Life Ain't No Ponyfarm - Sarah Burrini visited Arne just as he needed to get revenge for a certain snowballing! Page 413

Arne Schulenberg cameos/references:
- Life Ain't No Ponyfarm - Sarah's snowball-attackrun catches up Arne square in the back of his head! 09-12-2010

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