Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle

- None recorded

- Fried Chicken & Sushi - Tanuki shows intern-job a little... short?... in Zack's understanding! 25-10-2011
- Underwhelmed - Doyle will probably not serve long as an intern with that hungry look of his! 26-10-2011
- The Wannabe Pirates - Looks like Errol Flemm is out to seek a new and qualified work! 27-10-2011
- Zombie Boy - When Zack won't believe Zombie Boy is a Zombie, Zombie Boy must prove it! 31-10-2011
- Woody After Hours - Zack must face that not all things are bragable on the internet... especially not on a dating site! Gueststrip20-10-2012

Urban Jungle cameos/references can be found in:
- Woody After Hours - Tonight, Zack, Chuck, Phil and Gus are bring the Urban Jungle to Woody After Hours! 16-07-2012

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