Used Books
Used Books

- None recorded

- Shades - Stanley is taking a nap while riding the bus... who can blame him? 15-02-2011
- Fred Peterson: The Mighty Warlord - Fred himself is apparently taking a ride with the bus today! 15-02-2011
- Cricket's Creature - It appears that Madeline and Dee have the job as Engineers of the construction site! 03-03-2011
- But Not Really - Both Amanda and Jess has shown up to participate in the Masquerade! 11-10-2011
- Calico Jack - I must say, Jack makes a smashing Pirate at the Masquerade Ball! 18-10-2011
- Putrid Meat - In the background we see Bones, having a smoke and taking in the situation! 13-02-2014
- Ice Pick - Looks like one of our local friends at Ice Pick has come out and are watching in the background! 17-03-2014
- The Devon Legacy - If you look very closely you'll notice Emella in the background! 17-03-2014
- Death P*rn - Angie has come out in the cold so see what all the ruckus and rescue teams are all about! 20-03-2014
- Tales of the Unpredictable Chaos - Both Ben and Prudence are standing around, wondering whats going on! 10-04-2014

Used Books cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devon Legacy - Yuki shops for water and Fudo hangs out at the bar, keeping a low profile! 03-12-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Carrying bags and other stuff, Mike is making a run to get out of the city under siege! 08-12-2007
- The Devon Legacy - The giant wave makes building shed debris, and Seiko runs for cover! 12-12-2007
- Locoma - Coming to the front of the New Year's Card, Kaida looks stunning! 24-12-2007
- Magiversity - Jiro lounges in front of a store, and the next strip shows Kaida and her used bookstore! 27-02-2008
- Due East - Both Alex, Kaida and Seiko was present after the Tennis Court Showdown! 19-03-2008
- Posted - Few people know Jiro's skills as a Cat Burglar... the fewer the better! 02-04-2008
- The Burnhams - Kaida has an excellent hold of the situation at the Burnham's 100 strip Bashout! 01-05-2008
- Salt the Holly - When scared by another guest, Yuki spills her drink from the shock! 13-05-2008
- The Devon Legacy - Used Books and Used Sounds, an interesting company behind the movie's soundtrack! 02-02-2009
- Salt the Holly - If anyone missed Kaida, she was just hanging out as bartender in the Ugly Coconut! 12-03-2009
- Hypershooter - From upper right, Seika takes a good look at todays strip, smiling at what she sees! 11-07-2009
- Magiversity - Seiko shows up as the knowing Lore Master, and next page Fudo gives it as Master Swordsman! 14-05-2010
- Astronomalies - Reading the charges, Seiko leads the Prosecution for the "crimes" of Pluto! 18-06-2010
- The Devon Legacy - Yuki arrives as part of the backup, ready to deal with any trouble! 25-07-2013
- The Devon Legacy - Kaida is running along with the others in the background, towards the broken Feng! 03-02-2015
- The Devon Legacy - Yep, thats Jack Beaumont we see there, getting his world shaken up more than a bit! 02-04-2015
- The Devon Legacy - Looks like Violet Verona survived the earthquake and is lined up to get up and out! 09-04-2015

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- X-Up - None other than Plymayer himself is working hard with the rescue team! 07-04-2004

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