User Friendly
User Friendly

- None recorded

- Sluggy Freelance - Torg is hired as substitute for A.J... for several strips! 13-12-1999
- Sluggy Freelance - On the pilots helmet we see a drawing of Dust Puppy and a helpful call signature! 08-03-2007

User Friendly cameos/references can be found in:
- General Protection Fault - Miranda, Mike & Greg are attracted to the geeky entertainment of Nerdvana! 13-09-1999
- Superosity - Through a high-tech experiment, Dust Puppy appears in front of Giz and Boardy! 29-11-1999
- Sluggy Freelance - While Torg is managing A.J's job... and A.J stops by for several strips! 13-12-1999
- Funny Farm - Calling User Friendly help for you computer gives taps if you got windows! 22-02-2000
- Penny Arcade - The UF-Techsupporting Hooker-crew at work, hunted by Gabe and Tycho! 17-04-2000
- Waiting For Bob - An extended tech- and advertising meet-up between geeks and crazies! 25-09-2000
- General Protection Fault - Pitr gets eliminated from the competition for membership of C.R.U.D.E! 04-06-2001
- 1/0 - Zadok lets the straw fall to create the impersonation of the Dust Puppy! 17-08-2001
- General Protection Fault - Ki is normally user friendly, but when it comes to an interview with Stef...! 08-05-2002
- Checkerboard Nightmare - The missing CN strip has been hiding out in User Friendly's huuuuge archive! 24-07-2002
- Bruno The Bandit - Obviously the Userfriendlyverse is more popular than the Brunoverse! 28-03-2003
- The Whiteboard - Working in hell is, according to Greg, the same as tech-supporting! 31-10-2003
- Real Life - Well, art didn't keep Illiad from putting up User Friendly... for many many years! 04-04-2007
- General Protection Fault - One small Dust Bunny figurine falls victim to the random rubberband firings! 28-05-2010

J.D. "Illiad" Frazer cameos/references:
- Penny Arcade - Okay Illiad, that joke was also pretty tasteless! 07-04-1999
- Sluggy Freelance - For his role as Kitten 4, J.D.Frazer is given due credit in the end of the storyline! 15-12-2002

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