Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

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Valkyrie Yuuki cameos/references can be found in:
- Triquetra Cats - Kanazuchi Yuuki the Valkyrie is in the family of mighty M-users! 16-06-2004
- Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - There's a poster on the wall for Vakyrie Yuuki! 16-08-2004
- Strange Candy - ... and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Petra is ready! 05-12-2004
- Tasha's World - Yuuki going to the movies with Hermod? Now the worlds ends! 06-03-2005
- From Then On Forth - Besides training, it sounds like Yuuki has time to see the therapist! Gueststrip29-08-2005
- Plugged Nickel - Hammer and smile, Posey IS Kanazuchi Yuuki this Halloween! 31-10-2005
- The KAMics - Yuuki is not the third Valkyrie... her costume is cooler! 17-07-2006
- Triquetra Cats - Blaze uses her catsuit to disguise herself as Yuuki the Valkyrie! 06-10-2006
- Evil Overlords United - So the EO's are keeping an eye on Yuuki? Hmmm...! 19-02-2007
- Magiversity - Minna's spells transforms her and gives her the famous Valkyrie uniform! 22-04-2007
- CameoComic - Bringing a cameo of the Valkyrie to battle would be top nice! 24-08-2007
- The Crossoverlord - The Magical Girl on Lisa's poster is none other than Yuuki! 08-07-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Yuuki flies by, waving and smiling to the gathered group of superheroes! 22-07-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Unknowingly, A.N.T. learns Yuuki the difference between fans and Stalkers! 21-10-2008
- Crossworlds - In Crossworlds everybody has to play by the rules. Even a Valkyrie as Yuuki! Gueststrip23-10-2008
- King of the Web - An example on how Valkyrie Yuuki saves against boredom at the con! 23-07-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Off course Yuuki would be in line with the rest of the heroes for this "mourning" shot! 11-08-2009
- - Yuuki and Chiaki just got themselves a Happy Meal from Honey! 07-09-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Yuuki probably did her shares of the battles to protect the universes, and now she is back! 06-05-2010
- The Devil's Panties - At the latest convention Jennie got her table set up right next to that of SGVY! 29-05-2012
- M. Organ Art - The saga of Yuuki has been written down and bound, and the book is on the shelf right here! 22-07-2013
- The KAMics - One can wonder if its THE Loki plushy or just a copy for sale at the convention? 15-12-2013
- Dasien - For this Christmas we a got a surprise... a Yuuki and Dasien Special Surprise! 14-12-2014
- Closetspace - Emberassing enough for Carrie, Victoria shows up in a Valkyrie Yuuki costume! Strip 45

Kittyhawk cameos/references:
- Commissioned - Well Kittyhawk, at least he preferred your character...! 28-09-2007
- And Shine Heaven Now - Kittyhawk is speechless from the fact that they got people at the Otakon 2009 panel! 26-07-2009
- King of the Web - Kittyhawk is his hero, but notice that its Don who sparkles! 30-07-2009
- And Shine Heaven Now - Kittyhawk really enjoyed the musical birthday dinner at Otakon 2010! 08-08-2010

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