Venus Envy
Venus Envy

- Closetspace - In order to giver her a break, Carrie is granted a "vacation"... in Zoe's body and life! Strip 270

- Closetspace - I think Carrie could play a pretty good Zoe... nice choice Erin! 14-06-2006

Venus Envy cameos/references can be found in:
- Triquetra Cats - One of the branches in the family tree of M-users sprouts Zoe! 16-06-2004
- Tasha's World - Looks like Zoe and Eric take comfort in each other at the movies! 06-03-2005
- From Then On Forth - Poor Zoe is completely overlookded... and she IS a webcomic star! Gueststrip29-08-2005
- GreyMatters - The wellused soccer ball gag is escalated to a whole new level with double impact! 05-02-2006
- Trans Girl Diaries - If Venus Envy is not going to pick up the story again, it will be so here! 16-05-2011
- Wildflowers - Starting your comic with a shoutout to your favorite comic... not the worst way to begin! 13-09-2012
- Closetspace - You didn't know Zoe was a closet-Trekkie... with uniform and all? Strip 44
- Closetspace - Zoe is manning the counter, but cannot help with the oldies of videogames! Strip 169

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