- None recorded

- PvP Online - There's only one proper way to take one's leave... doing the PvP-way! 21-12-2005

Vexxarr cameos/references can be found in:
- Freefall - Too bad we can't see the movie title... Vexxarr and Sploorfix's scowls are intimidating! 02-04-2010
- The Golden Age of Adventurers - Hook picked up the... formfitting costume of Vexxarr to wear this Halloween! 31-10-2010
- The Whiteboard - From behind the couch, Vexxarr is looking up to eye the rest of Doc's partygoers! 31-10-2011
- The Whiteboard - Rainman goes as Vexxarr at Doc's 2012 Halloween Party, making a nice impression! 31-10-2012
- The Whiteboard - Looks like Vexxarr has decided to pay the Paintball field a visit for some target practice! 02-01-2015
- Freefall - Vexxarr takes the leas as a bunch of webcomic characters shortcuts through Freefall! 01-04-2015
- The Whiteboard - Yes, we don't want people to get bored and wander over and read Vexxarr... no way! 01-11-2016
- The Whiteboard - When drones have a Tachyon Chunt Power Unit that needs repair, guess who they are gonna visit? 26-04-2019
- The Whiteboard - Maaaaybe the Vexxarr-cast are not exactly suited for a game of paintball? 15-05-2020

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