VG Cats
VG Cats

- None recorded

- Homestar Runner - A little HR-reference sneaks in if you press '100 Comics' in the end! #100

VG Cats cameos/references can be found in:
- Troy's Bucket - Krug doesn't like waiting, he wants to deliver his kick right here and now! 31-03-2003
- Plugged Nickel - Scott Hatcher does his best to be Leo in his Halloween costume! 31-10-2003
- Apple Continuum - Krug, Lord of the Unpleasent, is a pretty powerful card in the deck! 11-02-2004
- ZooDotCom - Krug has a pretty unique way of behaving at job.interviews! 15-10-2004
- The Whiteboard - The party has hardly started, and Leo has already conquered the chips! 20-10-2004
- Exterminatus Now - Leo runs away screaming as the gunfire spreads the protesting crowd! 29-03-2005
- Comedity - A Pantsman Cosplayer decided to pay for a book at ConnectiCon 2005 with only change! 24-06-2005
- Snafu - Pantsman receives a pair of assless leather chaps from the folks of Snafu! 22-11-2005
- Walking Is Still Honest - A tribute to the late deceased Dr. Hobo who is no longer among us! 06-01-2006
- Lost the Lead - Dr. Hobo is not dead! He has just sought refuge from his Areis and Leo in another comic! 06-01-2006
- Conscrew - Adding VG-Cats to your webcomic list is only for being trendy? 16-01-2006
- Press Start to Play - When you send for cats for pestcontrol... read what's written with the tiny letters! 08-03-2006
- Late 2 The Party - You COULD add a hobo to the cast, but Dr. Hobo already has a job! 13-03-2006
- Everyday Stuff - Dr. Hobo walks along with the line forming the queue to... something! 07-04-2006
- Death By Pixel - So... you suffer from furdrivosis just because you got VGCats porn on your computer? 13-04-2006
- Death By Pixel - If you have naked pictures of Aeris on your computer, she'll make you suffer! 17-04-2006
- F@nboy$ - In the background of the first panel, a medic sees to Dr. Hobo! 15-05-2006
- Checkerboard Nightmare - So the scripts for the movie is too short for VG Cats? It's a lifetime for us...! 01-06-2006
- Gamer9 - In his haste the Prince of Parkour uses both Aeris' and Leo's heads to get up to speed! 04-07-2006
- Cute Ninja Girls - There's a law saying that Pantsman cosplayers must only bother the VG Cats booth! 10-07-2006
- F@nboy$ - Is actually quite funny that they believe themselves celebrities... the Cat says so! 12-07-2006
- F@nboy$ - The news about Dr. Hobo's dead has apparently made the front page of the newspaper! 17-07-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Looks like the EO's are keeping an eye on the recently featured VG Cats comic! 30-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Yet again the EO's have tuned in on VG Cats to have a closer look at the comic! 14-06-2007
- Thick Pie - A Pantsman cosplayer chased the authors around at 2007 ConnectiCon! 22-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Leo jumps into rabid action in the battle against the EOU... but on which side? 17-09-2007
- AntiBunny - VG Cats the comic book seems like something worth checking out! 17-07-2008
- Glitchtown - Hmm, the experience Leo has from VG Cats regarding updates... may perhaps be right! 21-07-2008
- Carbon and Space - Lets see... what does VG Cats have that C&S doesn't? Okay, what do they NOT have? 16-03-2009
- GG-guys - Dave guest appears from VG Cats but is baffled by the subject of Bleh! 21-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - Looks like Leo got ahead of himself in the battle of webcomic characters! 10-04-2009
- GG-guys - When ghosts are running the bubble factory, who are you going to call? The VG-Crew! 27-06-2009
- Digital Strips - Zampzon realizes that for being Pantsman, you need more than two pair of pants! Strip #23
- The Ninja Burger Crew - Delivering tor Aeris is definitely not an easy task! Strip 33
- Applegeeks - Silently Aeris bid her time, waiting for the right moment, the time to kill! GueststripIssue 122
- Something Original - Presented in the finest way possible... a message to the VG Cats Admins! 02-12-2009
- Fontes' Rants - Say something underhand about HIM from VG Cats and you get Leo at you! 20-12-2009
- Awkward Zombie - Katie's friend must have been reading VG Cats... all that knowledge of Broceidon! 04-10-2010
- GG-guys - Screaming Puppet Psy likes VGcats... so all is well in the world! 04-03-2011
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Behind the door we find Leo hanging out will all the others stars of webcomics! Strip 340
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Having to watch Thanatos using his full power looks pretty traumatic to Leo! Strip 876

Scott Ramsoomair cameos/references:
- Mac Hall - Somehow I don't think Scott Ramsoomair considers spooning a part of roomsharing! 24-08-2005
- Fail! - Looks like things really have been resolved between Nate and Scott! 02-08-2006
- Wasted Talent - Scott Ramsoomair has a lot of signing to do for fans... and it never stops! 24-08-2007
- Little Gamers - If Scott can stand the warfare of words during the game, there's a chance of winning! Gueststrip09-08-2006
- Geist Panik! - There will be no more VG Cats, Scott Ramsoomair now rest in this graveyard! Strip 051

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