ViXXXen Force
ViXXXen Force
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- Xenotransient - No superhero-like lineup would be perfect with having Caitlyn in it! 28-12-2015
- The Godstrain - A whole legoed Drunk Duck lineup and off course Kimber Lee is a part of it! 28-12-2015
- Jay's Internet Fight Club - Jay may just be a manager but he can still strike a heroic pose with the rest if need be! 28-12-2015
- Scarlet Vixen - When legoed heroes unite, Scarlet Vixen will off course be among them to strike a pose! 28-12-2015
- Deadfingers - You are looking for heroes to strike a pose? Orn does it with the best in the lineup! 28-12-2015
- Transneptunian - Looks like a lineup for a superheroic asskicking contest, and Jetta is a part of it! 28-12-2015
- The Harlot - When you do a superheroic lineup, a legofied Harlot is ready to take part! 28-12-2015

ViXXXen Force cameos/references can be found in:
- Scarlet Vixen - There's one poster advertising the highlights of attending Cumsville U! MA content warning!23-09-2015
- M. Organ Art - Vir don't really care about the rampaging Xombiputer, this isn't her comic anyway! MA content warning!24-01-2016

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