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Wapsi Square cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Vanilla Watson is filling out the 8-ball shirt pretty well... but she doesn't shake! 31-10-2003
- The Wotch - Kathrine is looking cute and innocent in the middle of the sketched filler! 13-11-2003
- Lost & Found - Frank in trouble has to wait when Beth needs to check up on Wapsi Square! 24-11-2003
- Elf Life - Tepoz does Monica a favor and makes her an Elf... a conversation stopping Elf! Gueststrip17-11-2003
- Zortic - Mark Mekkes is too busy reading Wapsi Square to pay attention to his own characters! 04-10-2004
- Namir Deiter - Tipper is dressed out as Monica in the 8-Ball T-Shirt for the Halloween occasion! 22-10-2004
- Hellbound - Monica decides to keep the fumes down when she start seeing flying dogs! 19-04-2005
- Ded End - Ded tries the famous Eight Ball Shirt effect... but seems to lack something? 06-06-2005
- Minding My Own Business - Yes, the 8-ball T-shirt is a classic... a Wapsi classic! 20-06-2005
- The KAMics - Turn your screen 90 degrees, and you'll see the famous Eight-Ball T-Shirt... that fits! 01-07-2005
- Melonpool - Jalea is now also wearing a Wapsi 8-Ball Shirt... or is she? 02-07-2005
- Ded End - Waffles is zapped into... Dietzel? 08-07-2005
- Candi - Tina has obviously started working at Moonbucks... well, all coffee shops looks alike! 13-07-2005
- HOUSD - There's no style there's "too" well endowned, but we like the Wapsi-style! 16-07-2005
- The KAMics - Nikki is revealing a great secret... it IS the shirt... though not when on Monica! 29-07-2005
- Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break - There's no doubt about Jin is being drawn Wapsi-style here! 04-08-2005
- M. Organ Art - The funny thing about the 8-Ball Shirt is not the answers, but HOW they are given! MA content warning!04-09-2005
- Plugged Nickel - Getting a drink in Wapsi Cafe wearing something ripped off Monica isn't that bad, huh? 07-09-2005
- The Whiteboard - Doc is trying to fill out the famous 8-Ball shirt, but doesn't quite succeed! 28-10-2005
- One of Those Days - No, its not a costume, she just happends to... wear Monica's shirt? 31-10-2005
- Coiling Spine - For Trick & Treating, Ydel tries to shake it up by going as Monica! 31-10-2005
- Minding My Own Business - And the Wapsi 8-ball T-shirt makes yet another appearence! 02-11-2005
- Tailsteak - Looks like Kevin needs bigger hands for both his women and his... cups! 12-11-2005
- General Protection Fault - Arriving in a new comic, Nick suddenly puts on weight on top! Gueststrip16-11-2005
- You'll Have That - Katie is sitting on the couch wearing a famous Wapsi 8-Ball T-shirt! 17-11-2005
- The Whiteboard - "Grabbing the Headboard" is a great comment... though it usually fits one situation! 30-11-2005
- Penny and Aggie - I guess the customers are pretty glad that Tina responds to them saying only "Tina"! 05-05-2006
- Oops, Nevermind - XI has gotten hold of a new tightfitting 8-Ball T-Shirt at her shopping trip! Gueststrip05-07-2006
- Fifteen Percent - Too bad Tepoz' "datematerial" wasn't into Aztec Gods in Cyberspace! 03-08-2006
- Suburban Jungle - A bikini-clad and happy Monica adorns the sketchbook from Comic-Con! Gueststrip19-08-2006
- The KAMics - Looks life half-valkyrie Monica finally has become too hot to run loose! 04-09-2006
- The KAMics - So... if Monica had been the third valkyrie? Hmm... interesting concept indeed! 18-12-2006
- Girl Genius - "See exotic Wapsi Square"! How can one ignore an ad like this? 19-03-2007
- The KAMics - Looks like Gertrude once again has snuck into her 8-Ball T-shirt! 08-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Monica and the rest of Wapsi Square are being watched by the Editor's magic! 11-07-2007
- The KAMics - Obviously, on the paper, its possible visiting Wapsi Square though a SMOG-gate! 23-08-2007
- Weregeek - A cute like Diesel ornament has been added to the Geek's Christmas tree of the year! 24-12-2007
- Something Positive - Looks like Branwen has been shopping at a local site.. or an alternate but close one! 11-01-2008
- Times Like This - Matt Janz has stopped his comic, but perhaps Wapsi can use one of the characters? 05-07-2008
- No Pink Ponies - Monica is also an eager spectator at the stripshow of the Flying Mouse Man! 21-12-2008
- Real Life - The image of Monica is adorning Blank Labels' banner at ComicCon 2009! 28-07-2009
- Legend of Bill - Sorry Gina, but you do not fill out Monica's shirt properly... though you try! 04-01-2010
- No Pink Ponies - As the poster proclaims, Wapsi Square was represented at the 2010 Comic Con! 24-07-2010
- Grin-N-Spirit - The Wapsi 8-Ball shirt is always a great fit... also if you become a dude! 01-08-2017

Paul Taylor cameos/references:
- Shortpacked! - Paul Taylor shares the Blank Labels panel with David Willis at Comic-Con! 22-07-2006
- The Devil's Panties - It CAN be hard trying to keep your geeking in check when you meet Paul Taylor! 06-09-2006
- Curtailed - How to get more readers? At Katsucon Badger Paul Tayler knows the answer! 17-05-2016

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