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- Dasien - The TV brings us up to date with the exploits of superheroine Dasien! 20-03-2007
- Blonde Marvel - Looks like the mysterious character keeps and eye on the Blonde Marvel! 21-03-2008
- How Unfortunate - So, one shadowy villain considers Luke Nordquist a threat? He better! 21-03-2008
- Mindmistress - Yep, when you plan to conquer the multiverse, keep an eye on Mindmistress! 21-03-2008
- Hero By Night - When checking out possible opponents, Hero by Night is one you may not forget! 21-03-2008
- Arachnid Goddess - Suddenly and without warning, Ahab feels a magical touch from beyond! 07-07-2008
- Phineus, Magician For Hire - Both Phin and Sara feels when WarMage reaches out to their magic energy! 07-07-2008
- Danielle Dark - It looks like Danielle is in pain when WarMage touches her mind! 07-07-2008
- Karen the Marilith - From comics away, Warmage touches Karen's latent magical energy! 07-07-2008
- Heroes Unite - Hmm... a movie based on Heroes Unite, that could prove to be an interesting one! 08-08-2008
- Opposites Attract - And what's so wrong with Opposites Attract the Movie being gay? Huh? Huh? 08-08-2008
- Xolta - The Heroes finally decide to go and see Xolta the Movie... good choice! 08-08-2008
- Dasien - Looks like Parker Bailey has gotten a new assignment... interviewing WarMage! 18-08-2008
- Rival Angels - And tonight's entertainment is with the Rival Angels entering the arena! 29-09-2008
- Evil Overlords United - The disappearance of the Editor DID leave a vacuum in the multiverse... for now! 14-01-2009
- The Crossoverlord - It's a sure bet that the Smiling Man would like to fill in and take over the Multiverse! 14-01-2009
- Heroes Unite - For Llewllyn's birthday, the Commander turns up to bring him birthday-news in person! 29-09-2009
- Sexy Losers - Looks like there's someone who has gone to Touro's Friends's Profanity Course! 22-12-2009
- NovusGenesis - Looks like there's one who's been lucky enough to get a signed Alafta poster! 29-12-2009
- Dasien - Kriti is keepin an eye on other superheroes around... like Dasien when she defeated Ruby! 29-12-2009
- The Blonde Marvel - Off course, when Kriti keeps an eye on superheroes, she must do the Blonde Marvel! 29-12-2009

WarMage cameos/references can be found in:
- Evil Overlords United - Looks like the EO's are keeoing an eye on Warmage... an attack prepared? 01-08-2007
- Alter Verse - So the Odin Tapestry has been brought from WarMage to here and soon to safekeeping? 20-02-2009

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