Weird in a Can
Weird in a Can

- None recorded

- The Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Looks like Mr. Hyde himself has joined the party! 30-10-2018
- Comedy of the Carrion Angels - To say Jacques is with "Ill Intent" is perhaps an understatement...! 30-10-2018

Weird in a Can cameos/references can be found in:
- Cafe on Crepe Island - In the quiet sunny street we find none other than George, Phil and Liz walking around! 07-06-2020
- Lectro - If you look closely you can see Phil Fear's hair and googles for show in the pop-up store! 31-10-2020
- Bananas - Dr. George Furball has had the unpleasent experience of being pulled out of Raul's hair! 01-04-2021
- Bananas - Nicole and Phillip gets something to eat and drink while George rocks the dancefloor! 12-10-2021

Hogan's Notes:

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