- None recorded

- Twokinds - In the window to the shop we can spot the cutest Flora doll for sale! 16-01-2006
- Street Dogz - Two Dodgers, each to their own comic, and each to their own problems! 17-01-2006
- The Enforcers - On the shelf in the back there's a plushie of none other than Leeroy! 19-01-2006
- Anarchy 2090 - An old tattered Anarchy 2090 poster is hanging on the wall in the alley! 29-01-2006
- Catena - Well, if the weirdos on them tramway are like Treiss, the looking is understandable! 28-03-2009
- The Enforcers - Doing some pornographic photoshopping of Ratt in a public library? Shocking indeed! 24-10-2009

WeirdStar cameos/references can be found in:
- Autumn Blood - Dodger is standing in the first row, listening very closely to the speech! 06-06-2008

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