- None recorded

- Too Much Coffee Man - Sitting in a sofa watching TV... yep, dangerously close to some TMCM! #26

Wendy cameos/references can be found in:
- FLEM - Lucy the Goth nurse meets Jay the... just Jay! But what happend to the sexed up punchline? 03-07-2000
- Joe Average - Since Wendy too is new, is she expected to comment on Joe's impact in the community! 30-08-2000
- Exploitation Now - Looks like Bimbo and Ralph were around Wendy and Co. in their Sophomore years! 27-09-2000
- RPG World - Wendy takes a brisk walk through the streets of the city where Hero grew up! 14-01-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Josh did a preview of Planet of the Apes that raised a lot of questions! 12-08-2001
- Amazon Space Rangers - Wendy does NOT like waiting at the door to the toilet! 21-10-2002
- Treasure Hunters - Wendy and friends occupy a table in the inn for a get-together! 31-12-2002
- FusionD - Wendy does a hot striptease on one of the other aisles in the background! 08-10-2003

Josh Lesnick cameos/references:
- Rick Saturo - Josh Lesnick appears as a panicking forced cameo... and is promptly dealt with! 05-08-2002

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