- None recorded

- Questionable Content - On one of the shelves in the Gaming Store, we spot a Pintsize figure! 13-07-2007
- Diesel Sweeties - Hmm... that looks like a genuine Red Robot model placed on the Gamestores' shelf! 13-07-2007
- Freefall - Looks like Helix has been modelled and put for sale in the Gaming Store! 13-07-2007
- Schlock Mercenary - A model of the great Touch and Go can be seen on one of the shelves in the store! 13-07-2007
- Girls With Slingshots - Heeey! That looks to be one genuine mechanical McPedro there on the shelf! 13-07-2007
- Erfworld - A collection of figures resembling Dwagons, Gobwins and Marbits are for sale in the shop! 13-07-2007
- Scary Go Round - Looks like a little wellknown Christmas Elf has been added as ornament on the tree! 24-12-2007
- Schlock Mercenary - Enesby makes a nice pin to add to the geekiest Christmas tree of all times! 24-12-2007
- The Devil's Panties - One of the balls has a symbol that strikingly resembles Jennie's beltbuckle! 24-12-2007
- YAFGC - A smiling Beholder-Bob makes a nice ornament on the Christmas Tree of Geeks! 24-12-2007
- Girl Genius - A Dingbot makes a nice Christmas ornament, especially on the tree of the geeks! 24-12-2007
- Wapsi Square - A cute like Diesel ornament has been added to the Geek's Christmas tree of the year! 24-12-2007
- Starslip Crisis - Something that looks remarkable like a Larval Cirbizoid has been added to the tree! 24-12-2007
- Narbonic - A package-carrying Artie ornament is a part of the great Christmas Tree of Geek! 24-12-2007
- Count Your Sheep - The head of Ship makes for a nice geek-ornament on the Christmas tree! 24-12-2007
- Little Vampires - One of the display cases holds a set of Little Vampires miniatures! 24-11-2008
- Questionable Content - Among the sudden influx of girls at the gaming store is none other than Raven! 26-11-2008
- xkcd - One of the famous (but which of them?) xkcd T-shirts gets discussed by the crew out in town! 11-12-2009
- Homestar Runner - Relax people, you are about to be sacrificed to a celebrity.... Trogdoooooooor!! 23-04-2010
- Dork Tower - Well, Weregeeks created under the full moon are only dangerous to the local gamestore owner! Gueststrip01-04-2011
- Dork Tower - Friends don't use Cut'n Paste... unless said friends are dorks! Gueststrip23-03-2012
- Homestar Runner - Oh yes they can summon an abomination, they could summon.... Trogdor! 20-08-2018

Weregeek cameos/references can be found in:
- CameoComic - Mark is frantically swinging his leadpipe against the Droids of the Evil Overlords! 01-10-2007
- Dork Tower - Well, Weregeeks created under the full moon are only dangerous to the local gamestore owner! Gueststrip01-04-2011
- Too Many Authors - Jim DOES wonder about the drunken Dalek singing the Dr. Who theme...! Strip 342

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Wondermark - With interest David Malki is browsing through the books in the back of the store! 24-11-2008
- Questionable Content - Looks like Jeph Jacques has found an interesting among the accessories! 24-11-2008
- Dresden Codak - With much interest, Aaron Diaz is surveying the display case with vampire models! 24-11-2008
- PvP Online - Equipped with his wizard hat, Scott Kurtz is ready to run a good roleplaying game in the shop! 24-11-2008
- Sheldon - Pen and character sheet at hand, Dave Kellett is ready to play some serious D&D! 24-11-2008
- Starslip Crisis - While Kris Straub gets ready to game at the table, Erica browses through the supplements! 24-11-2008
- Evil Inc. - Judging by the smile, Brad Guigar is all eager and ready to get some roleplaying done! 24-11-2008
- The Devil's Panties - Wearing her utilikilt, Jennie Breeden visits the store to cuddle the plushies! 24-11-2008
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Joel Watson, a man of talent, but yet Alana managed to outwit him sor far in Super Art Fight! 11-07-2011
- Shortpacked! - David "Optimus" Willis... he is more than meets the eye in the Super Art Fight! 11-07-2011
- Yellow Peril - Against the awesome Zen-powers of Jamie Noguchi, even a Weregeek must give up! 11-07-2011

Alina Pete cameos/references:
- The Devil's Panties - Alina joins Jennie in what seems to be Youth Hostel of Weirdness in San Fransisco! 06-11-2008
- HijiNKS ENSUE - You can be sure of one thing when Alina Pete is at Connecticon... something unexpected will happen! 11-07-2011
- The Devil's Panties - Jennie had a blast in the Battletech Booth, playing battlemechs along with Alina! 24-08-2011

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