What's New?
What's New?

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- Buck Godot - Looks like this DM uses her screen to hide an issue of Buck Godot behind! 22-06-2008
- Dork Tower - Pickled for pick-up, Carson the Muskrat would actually make a fine animal companion! 23-08-2009
- Girl Genius - Looks like Krosp I's loyality might only go as far as the next can of cat food! 23-08-2009
- Nodwick - So Nodwick ended up paying to the blackmailing Gnomes? Interesting choice...! 24-01-2010
- Dork Tower - So, Dork Tower survived in the magazine because they caved in to the threats of the Gnomes? 24-01-2010

Phil & Dixie cameos/references can be found in:
- Nodwick - Looks like everything is possible when you happen to wear Phil's trademark bowler! 28-08-2002
- Full Frontal Nerdity - The dream of Sex and D&D will always live on... just not with THOSE sacrifices! 28-05-2003
- Something Positive - Looks like there's something new in the "What's New!" store, managed by Phil! 01-06-2003
- Something Positive - Finally, the long awaited "What's New? - The Movie!", starring Phil & Dixie! 10-07-2005
- Full Frontal Nerdity - They did, in the end, actually print the Sex and D&D-strip... at least on the online site! 02-05-2007
- Girl Genius - "Growf"? You should think it was a small dragon and not a large mechanical cat that made that sound! 20-03-2009
- Full Frontal Nerdity - So, did Phil & Dixie really also have a conclusion for a comic in that magazine too? 01-04-2009
- Nodwick - Nodwick surfaces in what must be Foglio and crew's Think Tank!! 24-07-2009
- Nodwick - Now thats a rare interesting statue there... reminds me of a certain dragon mascot! 06-12-2009
- Myth Adventures - What's This? Phil and Dixie out shopping at Dragon's R' Us? Or is it selling? 30-09-2010

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