Where Drunk Meets Genius
Where Drunk Meets Genius

- None recorded

- Anywhere But Here - Mungo guest-starts as a huge F***ing (?) demon from beneath the plains! 05-08-2005
- Anyhwere But Here - After loosing his wallet, Bob gets friendly support from The Dude himself! 28-08-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Mozillas, hooded and cloaked, gives it as Z, the Gatekeeper! 07-10-2005
- Something Positive - Seems like Choo-Choo finally has turned to the dark side of the force! 08-10-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Keeping the Vader Porn Tape from Mozillas invites for quite a lot of trouble! 26-11-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Seems like Mozillas would do anything to get that Paris Hilton tape! 01-12-2005
- Something Positive - In the hospital Pee-Jee comes with a New Year resolution she can hold! 31-12-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Not doing something she would have done, that's Chris' New Year resolution! 31-12-2005

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- Nowhere so far

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