- None recorded

- Darken - So the epic story about Violet and Leon has finally hit the great theater? Excellent! 25-06-2012
- Dead Winter - Dead Winter the Movie... in 3D even? That's one I would really like to watch! 05-07-2013
- Derelict - Looks like the latest Gaming-Magazine has a review of Derelict advertised on the front page! 08-07-2013
- Cucumber Quest - The bookstore in Widdershins might be oldfashioned, but it does carry the latest Cucumber Quest! 12-07-2013
- Curia Regis - The new volume of Curia Regis is out now, and it can be found in the Widdershins Bookstore! 12-07-2013
- Gunnerkrigg Court - Looks like its a banner advertising the latest Gunnerkrigg Court volume we spot there in the bookstore! 12-07-2013
- Darken - Looks like Jill has come to modern times but still plies her snaky trades! 26-09-2014
- Astral Aves - Imogen seems to have been issued and invitation and showed up for the party! 22-10-2014
- Curia Regis - Looks like someone has slipped away from Curia Regis to enjoy a good upperclass party! 22-10-2014
- Wilde Life - Both Oscar & Sylvia are guests at the party, Sylvia enjoying the canapees! 22-10-2014
- Evil You Know - Looks like Lu is enjoying being able to relax and just attend the party for once! 28-10-2014
- Iothera - Both Cassandra and Maureen seems to enjoying the party they have been invited for! 28-10-2014

Widdershins cameos/references can be found in:
- Spoofy Randomness - Sidney seems to have another little magical mishap.. of the more embaressing kind! 04-07-2015
- The Sword Interval - Monsterhunters Extraordinarie, Harry and Sidney, are hanging out in the Wild Hunt and entertaining! 15-06-2016
- Spoofy Randomness - Sidney represents Widdershins in celebrating SP's 10 year anniversary! 01-09-2019
- The Shifting City - In the evershifting streets of the city we spot Jack "Mal" O'Malley and Heinrich Wolfe walking by!! 08-07-2020

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