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- xkcd - So, social bookmarking just like xkcd is guarenteed traffic? Interesting...! 22-10-2010
- Cyanide and Happiness - Cyanide and Happiness has done social bookmarking with success... right? 22-10-2010
- Penny and Aggie - Just getting single, Brandi makes the mistake of going with it on facebook! 28-02-2011
- Guilded Age - Impressive how a drunken Sundar the Sunderer can get in on tweeting...! 02-03-2011
- Fans! - Well, you got to hand it to Baxter... Facebook before National Security. Priorities! 04-03-2011
- Chopping Block -Oh yes, it was back in 2005 when T. Campbeel did sneak into Google HQ... along with Butch! 29-04-2011
- Guilded Age - ... and after they were suggested increasing Adsense, Google Adsense was shut down at Guilded Age! 27-06-2011

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