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- None recorded

Wigu cameos/references can be found in:
- Labgoats - W is for Wigu, of poison did taste! 11-11-2003
- It's Walky! - Among the many plushies of Joyce, we find a genuine Topatoco plushie! 28-12-2003
- Road Waffles - A, rather used, Sheriff Pony has a few observations regarding poor writing in cartoons and webcomics! Archived locally22-01-2006
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Happily flying around, Topatoco is attending the great gathering of webcomic stars to be found behind the door! Strip 340
- Bigger Than Cheeses - You can always count on Topatoco, except when Abraham Lincoln is involved! Strip 348
- Girly - On the bench behind the old lady, we find a poster advertising for Topatoco! #413
- Smithson - Much can be said, but Topato really makes a nice chair-ornament! Ch. 3 Pg. 54
- xkcd - I'm not quite sure somebody is fully into swineflu... or pigs for that matter! Strip 574

Jeffrey Rowland cameos/references:
- Sluggy Freelance - Hmmm... Now you say it, Kitten 7 DID look a little like Jeff Rowland! 15-12-2002
- Scary Go Round - Now THAT looks very interesting... a Jeffrey Rowland mask for sale! 04-04-2007

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