- Magick - The start of the storyline where the Wintergreen crew match off against Tubular Luggae! 28-05-2007

- Sins - The game Bronx is playing in the bus? It's Sloth the Game off course! 02-02-2006

Wintergreen cameos/references can be found in:
- Sins - From the back of the crowd, Jax is curiously watching the booth and the babes! 07-06-2006
- Life Like Weeds - Jackie and friends are visiting the city of Miami... and the bar of KC's! 03-01-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Jax has to get his mom to stop worrying... lying a little to do so! 03-12-2007
- The Devon Legacy - Both Jax and his dad is caught in the crowd when the earth starts to rumble! 02-04-2015

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