- None recorded

- Dinosaur Comics - Who could have known that Wonderella had a hand in the creation of Dinosaur Comics? 31-03-2007

Wonderella cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - With Vanilla dressed up as Wonderalle, its difficult to match her! 31-10-2007
- P.S.I. - Wonder how the EO got Wonderella locked up? But now she is free and on the run! 02-01-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Wonderella was asked to go and help save the world... but she didn't have the time! 23-12-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Not even for a "sad" occasion like this, Wonderella can let go of her Nintendo DS! 11-08-2009
- Sister Claire - Wonderella is the last to join up for the improvised Valentines Day group photo! 14-02-2010
- Intragalactic - Benjamin makes a very imposing Wonderella for this Mid-November event! 12-11-2010
- Woody After Hours - Only one girl was ever resistant to Joseph's sex appeal... and that girl was Wonderella! 09-03-2011
- Frankenstein Superstar - Laid back and in style, Wonderella puts her foot down for the fleeing Frankenstein! 18-05-2012
- Woody After Hours - Tonight's extended guest on WAH is Wonderella... lets hope they know how to treat her! 24-06-2013
- The Whiteboard - How could Cassiopeia think that Wonderella needed friends to help her with 12 bottles of Brökken Haus? 13-07-2016
- Kaza's Mate, Gwenna - Wonderella drops by in the Naked Jungle by leprechaun... and takes less with her when she leaves! MA content warning!17-03-2017

Justin Pierce cameos/references:
- Geist Panik! - Justin Pierce got a nice spot and a tombstone all to himself in this graveyard! Strip 003

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