Woody After Hours
Woody After Hours

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- Diablito Del Ring - Becoming the very first guest of WAH are none other than Diablito Del Ring and Jezebelle! 22-06-2009
- Clan of the Cats - Chelsea and Sebastian are both the extended guests at this very magic episode of WAH! 07-10-2009
- Addanac City - Hank arrives at his extended guest-show with Woody in surprising style! 02-11-2009
- Edmund Finney's Quest... - Edmund Finney is going to be late on WAH where he is about to tell all about his travels! 03-02-2010
- Lemon Inc. - Andy and Jeff are the guests at WAH tonight... will they give away any business-tips? 01-03-2010
- Crowbar Benson - Tonight's guest on WAH is Crowbar Benson, and he is bringing Canada to North Carolina! 14-06-2010
- Circuit - Tonight on WAH, Sam and Harry are ready to blow you away in style! 07-07-2010
- Pinkerton Park - Tonight WAH will be turned upside down by the furry fellows of the animal kingdom! 01-12-2010
- Zombie Roomie - George and John visit the show to do a very special cooking episode with Woody! 22-12-2010
- Wonderella - Only one girl was ever resistant to Joseph's sex appeal... and that girl was Wonderella! 09-03-2011
- Tara Normal - Tara makes a smashing impact for her appearance in tonight's extended episode of WAH! 04-04-2011
- Odori Park - Tonight at WAH we are going to meet Colin and Arisa who might teach Woody a thing or two! 13-05-2011
- Whomp! - Ronnie will do everything, including being a messenger carrier, when paid in Chicken! 22-08-2011
- Mighty Monocle - The Mighty Monocle offers his help in getting rid of the Fridge Ninja... for a price! 26-10-2011
- Savage Chickens - Isabel may think she does not take pictures well, but fans of Savage Chickens would argue! 16-12-2011
- Tales of a Checkered Man - The Checkered Man thought about avoiding tonight's WAH show... the roof had other ideas! 23-01-2012
- Promises Promises - Tonight, on WAH, Woody is in for a world of hurt.. exercises with Fiona and Trish! 12-03-2012
- Urban Jungle - Tonight, Zack, Chuck, Phil and Gus are bring the Urban Jungle to Woody After Hours! 16-07-2012
- Wonderella - Tonight's extended guest on WAH is Wonderella... lets hope they know how to treat her! 24-06-2013
- Underwhelmed - Doyle has what it takes to take on Woody in burger-eating contest? You bet! 24-07-2013
- Go Get a Roomie - Woody welcomes the life-loving Roomie to his show... or is it the other way around? 12-08-2013
- Zorphbert & Fred - An evaluation of WAH is given a whole new dimension when its given by alie... dogs! 18-11-2013
- d20monkey - Brett, Sam and Mel gives their ratings on WAH in their own unique style! 20-11-2013
- I Am ARG! - Who's gonna disagree with Andrew here? He really knows what makes a great show! 22-11-2013
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Joel Watson signs in for tonight's episode of WAH, a promising... beardy show! 02-03-2014
- Underwhelmed - Doyle's gonna be on WAH tonight's... who's stomach will give in first? His or Woody's? 31-03-2014
- Tara Normal - Yep, he DID promise Tara he would iterally scare the crap out of Woody when the time came! 30-04-2014
- Dumbing of Age - Much can be said about Ruth's appearance at WAH, but it didn't go unnoticed at home! 22-12-2014
- Questionable Content - WAH's last guest was Coffee of Doom's Dora, but even she could not save the show! 18-03-2015

Woody After Hours cameos/references can be found in:
- Zombie Roomie - Sorry George, John is mastering the remote and he wants to see Woody After Hours tonight! 04-03-2011
- Zombie Roomie - To convince Hunter to fight they are calling up George's appearance in Woody After Hours as evidence! 15-08-2011
- Zombie Roomie - Somebody likes the Woody After Hours Show enough to keep a seasonal subscription for it! 26-08-2011
- Urban Jungle - Zack must face that not all things are bragable on the internet... especially not on a dating site! Gueststrip20-10-2012
- Underwhelmed - WAH might be the lousiest show around, but it makes Doyle fall asleep! 17-07-2013

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Coby Cur - So... Raffi was a big fan of WAH... right until he met the crew up front! 24-02-2010
- Alex's Guide... - Watching the intro to WAH unfold, Alex is happy knowing won over Woody at the TGT tournament! 22-08-2011
- Least I Could Do - Sounds like Lars.. I mean LAR, has been paid well for the series of My Little Ponies WAH shows! 13-02-2012

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