- None recorded

- None recorded

Xibalba cameos/references can be found in:
- Autumn Bay - As Dr. Deacon explains and shows, the reality of Xibalba is just one of many parellel realities! Archived locally04-11-2014
- Autumn Bay - A poster for the missing Dara can be spotted on one of the telephone poles! Archived locally11-12-2014
- Elmer the Eccentric - Is that Dara we have seated there at the table in the back? 19-12-2014
- Elmer the Eccentric - Teo sure knows when to beat a hasty retreat... when there's shopping to be done! 20-02-2015
- Elmer the Eccentric - Gary seems to be pretty angry here at the amll, wonder why? 20-04-2015

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