- None recorded

- Achewood - Yes, there's food for a certain dogs thoughts... and drop the speedo! 14-08-2006
- Megatokyo - First they are paradoing Megatokyo, and then they offer cake to make it up! 15-08-2006
- Natalie Dee - Seems like Natalie thinks Bees With Tires are pretty funny...? 16-08-2006
- Toothpaste For Dinner - Yeah.. whatever! If you can't do a joke, don't try doing one! 16-08-2006
- A Softer World - Philosophy over a robots programming... in the style of A Softer World? 17-08-2006
- Dinosaur Comics - It's incredible what you can make out of a little conversation and... dinosaurs! 18-08-2006
- Penny Arcade - Making a parody on Penny Arcade is not always as easy as it seems! Strip 160
- Questionable Content - Hanners knows for sure what can prevent swineflu... Duct Tape! Strip 574
- Wigu - I'm not quite sure somebody is fully into swineflu... or pigs for that matter! Strip 574

xkcd cameos/references can be found in:
- Bunny - No strip today... the artist is buried in the xkcd-archives, and its too funny to strip reading! 04-09-2006
- Starslip Crisis - In the future, xkcd has branded THE best iron rations... with caviar that is! 09-01-2007
- Irregular Webcomics - Stickfigures may be easier than photos, but doing a GOOD comic with it? 23-01-2007
- Modern Love - Modern Love goes all pun on you in the xkcd style! 13-02-2007
- Help Desk - The Munroe Equation shows how cats can help with the selling of more computers! 08-03-2007
- Busybee Comics - So, when xkcd suddenly hosts your thoughts... you got Randall on your mind? 03-07-2007
- Irregular Webcomics - To make a point on wellknown comics, there's a tooltip gag in the xkcd-style! 24-07-2007
- Bunny - Poor stickman is up against Bunny in Full Chainsaw Contact Math! Gueststrip06-03-2008
- Busybee Comics - A Random xkcd looking into the future of Voice Texting... bright new future it is! 24-10-2008
- Times Like This - Hooray! xkcd has updated, and Bethany''s day seems to be saved! 21-11-2008
- Super Stupor - Now there's a poster which puts a couple of extra x's in xkcd! 22-12-2008
- Alone in a Crowd - Hope gives it a shot drawing an AIAC-strip in XKCD-style, complete with Math-reference! 20-02-2009
- El Goonish Shive - Grace has taken to give the explanation with graphs... xkcd style! 31-03-2009
- Fancy That - The strip is going stickman, but its not xkcd... they are better... they got boobs! 19-03-2009
- Least I Could Do - With a head full of math, an XKCD-stickman should be easy recognizeable? 01-04-2009
- Reasonable Clever - We interrupt this show with a fly-by shark attack, give our regards to xkcd ! 18-05-2009
- Misfits of Mischief - Fan of comics, Bjorn has picked today to wear his xkcd shirt! 03-05-2009
- Busybee Comics - The mystery of emails discovered... xkcd-style! Did you see my mail? 15-05-2009
- Chainsawsuit - How the internet sees White Knight and Creeps... done in xkcd-style! 09-05-2008
- Real Life - She is just kidding Greg, she would never leave you for xkcd... would she? 20-11-2008
- Square Wave - Giving a sales pitch to Black Hat MIGHT not give the result our heroes were hoping for...! 12-07-2009
- Living With Insanity - Will David start talking to himself just like in xkcd? Read on and find out! 18-10-2009
- Weregeek - One of the famous (but which of them?) xkcd T-shirts gets discussed by the crew out in town! 11-12-2009
- Unintentionally Pretentious - Totally apologies to xkcd styles, but it IS all about cats! 28-02-2010
- Golden Age of Adventurers - Ben sounds to be satisfied with being drawn in xkcd-style for this 1st of April strip! 01-04-2010
- Powertrip - mxpx vs. xkcd? That... would be a hell of a fight, wouldn't it? 15-07-2010
- Everyday Heroes - Looks like Black Hat Guy has been doing some grafitti... and become grafitti himself! 21-08-2010
- Widgetitis - So, social bookmarking just like xkcd is guarenteed traffic? Interesting...! 22-10-2010
- Questionable Content - Yeah, for an evening in front of the TV Marigold wanted to wear her xkcd-shirt! 01-02-2011
- Busybee Comics - xkcd-style... on how to fail at the "not-deleteable-file"-joke! 24-02-2011
- Questionable Content - Once again Marigold has donned her xkcd-shirt, this time for a day of shopping! 22-08-2011
- Stickman and Cube - For this Halloween, Stickman got his hat on as Black Hat Guy! 30-10-2011
- Angels & Aliens - Going xkcd-style in the fourth frame gives a lot less work to do graphicwise! 01-04-2012
- The KAMics - The shirt mentions the XKCD-Men... wonder how mutated Stick-men will look? 20-04-2012
- Everyday Heroes - Looks like the famous "Stick Man Don Quixote" has been added to the museum's collection! 23-06-2012
- And To Be Loved - Stick Figures is not a game... in xkcd its a style of life! 17-07-2012
- And To Be Loved - When you at a con is situated just next to xkcd, people MIGHT not come to see you...! 02-01-2013
- Bram & Vlad - Vlad quickly comes up with the best homage to xkcd he could ever think of! 11-04-2012
- M. Organ Art - Looks like the world-famous book of xkcd has been placed on the top shelf here! MA content warning!22-07-2013
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Guess realism and popularity really is in the eye of the beholder... or reader for that matter :) 08-08-2013
- PvP Online - Yes, these days its stickfigures thats in... just like those in xkcd! 21-08-2014
- The Whiteboard - Black Hat Guy has a voucher for paintball paint... just dont ask what he is going to use it for! 05-01-2015
- Zombie Roomie - Well, you dont have to be bright to understand xkcd, but you will grab more of the mathematical parts! 30-05-2018
- Spoofy Randomness - Xkcd is an original inspiration, so when SP celebrated 10 year anniversary, a stickman is there! 01-09-2019

Randall Munroe cameos/references:
- Questionable Content - Marigolds fangirls to complete destruction when she meets Randall at the SMIF con.! Strip 1527
- Geist Panik! - His life may have been in sticks, but in death Randall Munroe do get a stone! Strip 051

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