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- Anthology of Anfer - Getting down in the chair and relax with your copy of "Anthology of Anfer".... thats life! 27-07-2013

X-Up cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - Plymayer Pictures Present... the Great X-UP gratious pantyshot! MA content warning!27-04-2009
- M. Organ Art - Looks like there's one customer who has gotten herself the latest X-UP comic in print! MA content warning!29-04-2012
- Scarlet Vixen - The Classics of X-UP have finally hit the theater... just look at that poster! MA content warning!23-09-2015

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- M. Organ Art - MOrgan is getting a view that is just high up and out of this world! 11-03-2009
- Jabali - What a view Jabali is getting! Can't blame him for just gawking! 11-03-2009
- Death P*rn - El Cid gets the honor of being portrayed as mighty Grand Field Marshall! 04-06-2010

Plymayer cameos/references:
- Muse of a Knight - Plymayor gets a special thanks from the cast for having shown his readeractivity! 18-11-2011
- Used Books - None other than Plymayer himself is working hard with the rescue team! 07-04-2004
- M. Organ Art - Plymayer himself has showed up to chat up the other guests and celebrate M. Organ's anniversary! MA content warning!03-07-2014
- The KAMics - You can just about see the avatar of Plymayer who, we can hope, voted right! 10-06-2018

Hogan's Notes:

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