- None recorded

- Megatokyo - "Dead Phil Day" is... quite a different thing here, but the results are the same! 28-05-2004
- Megatokyo - Sad Catgirl in the snow usually heralds something bad... Megatokyo style! 12-07-2004
- Twokinds - What's the matter Flora? The chaos of reality becoming too much? 26-08-2004
- Twokinds - Okay, will all who wants to see Flora dress up as a panty thief raise their hand? 29-10-2004
- Twokinds - See, thats one of the differences between male and female friends! Gueststrip25-11-2004
- Twokinds - Kate is sleeping soundly, holding tight her Trace doll! 08-08-2005
- Twokinds - Flora guest-visits to talk with Kate about the recent compitition in both their comics! Gueststrip01-08-2006
- Clone.Manga - Sounds like Mr. Moops has a good laugh out of that explanation just served! 26-02-2007
- Las Lindas - Nora takes the center in this Katbox Christmas Special at Yosh! 23-12-2009
- Caribbean Blue - Tina makes an appearance in this (almost) all cat-girl Yosh Christmas Special! 23-12-2009
- Running Wild - Annie has lined up to be a part of the years Yosh Christmas Special assemble! 23-12-2009
- Twokinds - Flora would probably enjoy this Christmas Special more if she wasn't put under pressure by her nemesis'! 23-12-2009
- The Eye of Ramalach - Alex obviously enjoy staying low and sticking her head in for the Yosh Christmas Special! 23-12-2009
- Caribbean Blue - When Phil is away... Tina and Kimi gets to have a pillowfight...? Gueststrip08-11-2010
- Las Lindas - Angel stops by to talk to Blue about a Commission... and to paint Easter Eggs! 09-04-2012
- Anthronauts - For this 1st of April strip the cast of Anthronauts has taken on the roles of the Yosh! cast! Gueststrip01-04-2013
- Las Lindas - Mora has donned a sweater and shows up in the Yosh Christmas celebration line! 23-12-2013
- Rascals - Gotta say that Christmas-sweater would have looked nice on Reiko... size or not...! 25-12-2013
- Artificial Incident - For Halloween Blue and Kate has dressed up as Nyna and Kaylin! 31-10-2016
- Artificial Incident - Looks like Nyna can't decide who's doing the drawing and who's having the fun at Phil's birthday! 25-11-2016
- Artificial Incident - For the New Year Mihari makes sure to introduce Nyna for her own comic properly! 02-01-2017
- Twokinds - For a vacation on the beach, Flora is definitely not having it with the bikini! 23-05-2018
- Artificial Incident - Kaylin and Nyna shows up to make sure we know that THEIR comic is not on vacation! 23-05-2018
- Artificial Incident - In order to celebrate Phil's Birthday we get... Kaylin doing sexy advertising for her own comic? 23-11-2018
- Twokinds - Flora takes her love for Christmas to new heights this year, and Trace can only look on surprised! 24-12-2018
- Artificial Incident - Both Nyan and Kaylin takes part in this years Christmas gathering, properly sweater-dressed! 24-12-2018
- Artificial Incident - Looks like both Kaylin and Nyan are a part of Phil's "collection"... and they fit his interests! 17-07-2020

Yosh! cameos/references can be found in:
- Caribbean Blue - Yosh Swimwear collection has a poster up in the shop at great vantage point! 04-03-2012
- Caribbean Blue - Looks like we have both Phil and Kate hanging out in the harbour area today! ??-11-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Dominic Deegan - PenPen covers nicely for an absent Michael Terracciano at the Con! 08-03-2006
- Twokinds - When questions about Twokinds keep coming up the Yosh! Q&A, its time to wake Tom up! 11-01-2006

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