- None recorded

- Diesel Sweeties - Looks like Fiona's dream brings us past a DS-like setting complete with clowns! Strip #556-557
- Evil Diva - The art on the walls in the dollhouse like setting, is directly from Evil Diva! Strip #633
- Sister Claire - The gathering of nuns in the painting on the wall is none other than Sister Claire and friends! Strip #634

Yu+Me cameos/references can be found in:
- Simply Sarah - Looks like the bookstore is carrying the newest edition of Yu+Me! 16-12-2007
- Simply Sarah - Oh yes, the toilets are not a safe place when controlled by Sister Mary! 29-12-2007
- Shadow Root - Barbara shows up in her finest You+Me shirt! MA content warning!19-08-2008
- Upheaval - Most fitting, Ara and Rachel dressed up together as Fiona and Lia for Halloween 2009! 29-10-2009
- Sister Claire - Fiona happily share the photobooth to make a lovefillled Valentine's Day photo! 14-02-2010
- Times Like This - Offbeat humour? Yu+Me=Dream? Hmm... you might have a point there Cassie! 22-04-2010
- NewGirl - It looks to be Fiona hiding behind the desk while the masked robber makes his threats! Page 221

Hogan's Notes:

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